WEC 48 makes jump to PPV official for April 24 in Sacramento with 'Aldo vs Faber'


It looks like WEC GM Reed Harris listened to all the naysayers who told him that May, the month that was previously reported to hold the promotion's pay-per-view debut, was far too crowded with two UFC events and a potential blockbuster boxing match scheduled.

But whoever he listened to, he likely made the right choice. The Associated Press breaks the news:

World Extreme Cagefighting will stage its first pay-per-view event April 24, scheduling a star-stacked card for its first attempt to persuade mixed martial arts fans to pay $44.99 for its fights.

Urijah Faber will meet featherweight champion Jose Aldo in the main event of WEC 48 from Sacramento, Calif., the lighter-weight MMA promotion's leaders told The Associated Press before Wednesday's announcement.

Former featherweight champion Mike Brown also will meet Manny Gamburyan at Arco Arena, and lightweight champion Ben Henderson will fight Donald Cerrone in a rematch of their acclaimed October bout.

As far as stacking a PPV card, you can't do much better than that with the current WEC roster.

"We wanted to wait until we had this type of card to go to pay-per-view," WEC general manager Reed Harris told the AP. "We didn't want to do a pay-per-view show until fans would say at the end of the night, ‘This was worth it.' This will truly be the biggest event we've ever done."

Was there any doubt this was going to go down in Sacramento, California? With Urijah Faber and Jose Aldo serving as the headliner, their decision was pretty much made for them. 

And with the announcement of a rematch for the WEC's Lightweight title between Ben Henderson and fan favorite Donald "Cowboy" Cerrone, we are guaranteed at least two title fights on the card. But with the way the WEC brass is talking, we could be seeing some more big names announced for this historic card real soon.

"It's a natural progression," WEC vice president Peter Dropick said. "The WEC is growing, and going to pay-per-view is the next step. It's an important step from a business standpoint. We weren't just going to put a pay-per-view on. We wanted to make sure it was the right card and the right matchup. We've got the ability to put on one of the best cards we've ever done. The timing is right."

Stay tuned to for more news on WEC 48 as it develops.

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