Staph infection sends injured Benji Radach back under the knife


Stop me if you've heard this before.... Benji Radach has endured a setback to his career due to injury.

A victim of an endless laundry list of physical ailments - broken jaw, herniated disc, torn knee ligaments, broken hands, broken collarbone, and of course, the commonly seen venumnous spider bite - Radach can add a couple more injuries to that unwelcomed list. reports that while helping Jay Silva train for his fight against Chris Leben at UFC Fight Night 20 last month, Radach suffered a debilitating torn pectoral muscle.

The 29 year-old UFC and IFL veteran detailed the unfortunate experience.

"I was trying to stay in decent shape," he said. "I thought I had warmed up enough. The first thing out of my mouth was, ‘F--k, f--k, f--k!' I felt like my shoulder was going to come out of the socket. I've never had it come out before, but that's what I thought was happening."

An MRI test later confirmed what "Razor" had initially thought of the injury.

"Lying on my back, I couldn't put my arm straight up," Radach said. "My whole arm was full of blood, down to my hand. They said, sure enough, I had torn [my pectoral muscle] from the bone."

To compound the issue, as if a torn pectoral muscle wasn't bad enough to deal with, Radach sustained a staph infection due to the pectoral repairment surgery.

Yesterday, Benji went under the knife yet again to try and get rid of the staph, and the ever-growing list of injuries is obviously starting to get to him.

"It's really frustrating to me," he said. "I'm just trying to fulfill my goals, and all I get are these setbacks. It's definitely a frustrating thing. I get a few fights in, and then I get pulled off to the sidelines with these injuries."

As much as this type of string of injuries can hurt any professional athlete's career, with one fight left on his current Strikeforce contract, Radach is vowing to not let it slow him down and return to the cage by year's end.

"On the flipside, my body's not getting beat up," he said. "I'm not taking shots to the head. It's something where I'll spring back and still be full of fire. I always come back ready to roll. I've just got to stay optimistic. Something good will happen."

And I wouldn't put it past him. With a thwarted burglary attempt on his record, the man is just capable of doing things that most people aren't.

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