GSP: "I fight against myself"

In a n interview with Ariel Helwani, welterweight champion Georges Rush St-Pierre revealed bits of information that indicates the pressure from the fans is getting to him.






"Yeah it's hard because I fight against myself. I fight against what I've done before. I don't fight against only my opponent, it's pretty hard."


He concludes by saying he expects to remain


still, the undisputed welterweight champion, Georges Rush St-Pierre, by finish.


These last two words there tell me that the noises of criticism is getting on his nerves. A win is no longer enough for GSP in that division. I have a very good feeling he will do what's necessary to quiet those annoying clamors of ungrateful dissatisfaction. But it could cost him dearly.  What do you think? Is GSP condemned to end his fights spectacularly for fear of fan criticism? Should he forget about the pressure to finish and just secure the win? 



I say this is a sport and may the best fighter win with whatever strategy that offers the better odds. If fans want more finishes at all cost, I believe It's the rules we need to change, not the fighters. Just like NHL Hockey did with it's new rule changes of '05. No more trap (boring defensive style hard to counter that won games) ever since. The sport of mma could be drastically changed with modifications in the rules. But before we start asking for knees on downed opponents, ten round fights or whatever else you guys can come up with, I propose we take a minute and think of the men and women who dare step in the octagon. I think mma is plenty dangerous as it is and more blood and fractured skulls isn't gonna help the growth of the sport.  If we start organizing the fighting rules with emphasis only on morbid entertainment and dramatic finishes, at what point will we have to consider mma as more show business than sport? More freak show than competition? More human cockfighting than art? Right now, I am naive enough to believe it's a sport and hope it stays that way.


There you have it maniacs, a link, some thoughts and a lot of questions. Chip in.



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