UFC 124: Georges St. Pierre looking to finish Josh Koscheck


The last time UFC welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre finished a fight was in January 2009 when BJ Penn's corner had enough and stopped the contest at UFC 94. Ever since that bout, St. Pierre has been the target of criticism from fans.

St. Pierre doesn't seem interested in going to a decision this Saturday night (Dec. 11) when he defends his welterweight title against Josh Koscheck.

"Rush" let his intentions for UFC 124 be known in a conference call.

"In the first fight with Josh, when I was striking with him it was mostly to set up my takedowns, but this time when I'm going to strike with him, it will be to knock him out. Roger Gracie came in and Roger Gracie is a specialist of finishing his opponents when he takes the guy's back. I've been working a lot on that. If I get an opportunity and I get an opportunity for the finish, I will be able to finish him a lot better this time. I want to finish fights. I've been very close in my last fights to finish them two times, but I want to make sure to take the time that if I get an opportunity to finish a fight, this time I'm going to take it. I'm the kind of guy I don't make the same mistake twice."

St. Pierre is on a seven fight-winning streak. In those seven wins, he has finished three of his fights.

With all the trash talking leading up to his bout this Saturday night, St. Pierre may have found the motivation to put away his opponent.

After suffering the first loss of his mixed martial arts (MMA) career to Matt Hughes back in October 2004, "Rush" decided to go back to the drawing board and improve as a well-rounded mixed martial artist. He did just that, going on a six fight-winning streak which included his first victory over BJ Penn and his first world title win after he TKO'd Hughes in the rematch.

St. Pierre's celebration was cut short when he was TKO'd by Matt Serra in one of the biggest upsets in MMA history. "Rush" would recover quickly with a unanimous decision win over Koscheck and a submission victory in a rubber match with Hughes. St. Pierre would get his title back and revenge on Serra with a TKO win at UFC 83. "Rush" hasn't been defeated since UFC 69.

Can St. Pierre put away Koscheck? Tune in to UFC 124: "St. Pierre vs. Koscheck II" this Saturday night live on pay-per-view to find out.

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