2010 becomes 2011: One man's MMA outlook for the new year

Hello Maniacs,

Let me first wish you all an upcoming Happy New Year. 2010 was a great year for some, and a not so great year for others.  So, based on everything this year gave us, I am putting together what I think may happen in 2011.

This is just opinion, so take it easy if you disagree.


First things first, i believe we will have a new UFC LW champ as of the 1st of January. I give Gray Maynard a big advantage in this fight. I think it will go to a decision, but don't believe Mr Edgar, good as he is, will have enough to stop this.

I also believe Jon Jones will have his first real loss in 2011. Don't think Bader will be the one to do it, but I believe it will happen. Which is fine with me because I can't stand JJ. I know I will draw serious heat for saying this, but I've seen him in interviews and he comes across as arrogant and phoney to me. Is he a really good fighter? Definitely. That said, I could see him getting matched up with Rampage after he beats Bader and then losing. Just my opinion.

GSP will NOT move to MW in 2011.  Sorry kids, the champ will not be going anywhere. After he defends against JS, I see Boy Georges defending again, likely against Fitch, who I expect will get by Penn. Just.

Anderson Silva will dance in the octagon. 

Brock Lesnar will fight again, likely Frank Mir, who will take the rubber match. Ok, so more controversy, I know. Most of you will say, "But Judo, Brock is huge and Frank can't wrestle. Surely Brock wins again".  To which I say, don't call me Shirley, and I believe that Brock's spirit is now broken. If we have to say there is a clear winner in the "Getting through adversity" department, it is clearly Mir. I know many don't like him, but the man was champ for a reason.

Shogun will return from injury. And I think he will lose the belt to Rashad. More hate will be thrown my way for this, particularly for my love of all things Machida, but I think that Rashad will be ready and able to wrestle Shogun down to a decision victory. Not that i care to see that.

And finally, this one is a bold one, and likely to be the biggest source of hate or controversy: Jose Aldo will lose his belt. Ok, so I know that this doesn't seem likely. But there are 2 ways I see this potentially happening. First way, Edgar loses to Maynard, so Frankie cuts to 145, and if you don't think Frankie can pull this off, see Edgar-Penn 1 and 2.  Or, Penn loses to Fitch, and Edgar keeps the title, so BJ cuts to 145. and takes it away from Jose. It would be a tall order, but stranger things have happened.


Either way maniacs, just some random thoughts.  All the best to you all in 2011!

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