Top MMA Fights of 2010

Hey Maniacs,

Since were ringing in the new year in a couple days, I wanted to here what your favorite fights of 2010 were. There is no criteria, just name the fights you were most entertained by even if it ended in the first or went the distance. There are alot of choices, and it only gets better every year. I'll give you my top ten below.


13. Stephan Bonnar vs Krystof Soszynski- This fight was a another back and forth battle, but Bonnar was the victor this time.


12. Wanderlei Silva vs Michael Bisping - This one is just because I love watching Wanderlei fight. And seeing him almost finish Bisping twice puts it up there for me.


11. Diego Sanchez vs Paulo Thiago- As with most Diego fights, this one was another high paced battle, Diego was able to beat Thiago but it was an exciting fight to watch.


10. Brock Lesnar vs Shane Carwin- I dont know what it is about the UFC Heavyweight title, but every time its on the line its a big deal. I had been looking forward to this one for a long time. I remember screaming for Carwin to finish him in the first and then being shocked when Lesnar submitted him. Definitely one of the top comebacks of the year.


9. Robbie Lawler vs Melvin Manhoef- This one is purely because of the comeback, I remember watching Lawler get completely destroyed on his feet in the first round and barely being able to walk. Manhoef backed him into a corner and Lawler unleashed his right hand and put him down.


8. Carlos Condit vs Rory Macdonald- Macdonald had dominated Condit with his take downs and groundwork for the first two rounds. But early in the third Condit stuffed a takedown and worked from the top with elbows and right hands. With 7 seconds left the ref was forced to stop the bout.


7. Mauricio Shogun Rua vs Lyoto Machida- I was looking forward seeking his revenge for the controversial decision he recieved at UFC 104. But I wasnt sure how it would play out, luckily Shogun finished Machida in the first to end the short lived Machida Era.


6. Sean Sherk vs Evan Dunham- This was a great battle between young prospect and former champion. Dunham threatened Sherk with submissions throughout the entire fight and lit him up on the feet. But Sherk was able to control him and it won him the controversial decision.


5. Chris Leben vs Yoshihiro Akiyama- The back and forth slug fest was an exciting battle to watch. Leben was probably behind on the scorecards but Akiyama was clearly gassing. Leben slapped on a triangle choke and finished Akiyama in the third.


4. Jorge Santiago vs Kazou Misaki 2- This was one of the most exciting fights this year, it was one of those fights where each fighter came so close to being finished but kept on pushing through it. We saw plenty of escapes from bad positions, but in the end Santiago prevailed. Misaki's corner had seen enough and threw in the towel with 30 seconds left in the final round.


3. Leonard Garcia vs Chan Sung Jung- This was just a brawl in a cage, they let their hands fly for the entire bout. It was one of those fights that will be a classic for a long time.


2. Ben Henderson vs Anthony Pettis - This was a very competitive fight and was a great way to close out the WEC. And of course it ended with the greatest head kick of all time.


1. Anderson Silva vs Chael Sonnen- I honestly wasnt very interested in this fight at first, i thought Anderson would dispose of him as easily as the rest of his previous opponents, but Chael backed up all his talk and put a beating on the champion. The last minute triangle choke made this one, one to remember.

These were all great fights that i enjoyed, and there not really in any particular order(even though they have numbers). But lets hear what your favorite fights of 2010 were?

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