Liver me timbers! UFC President Dana White reportedly funds dying girl's surgery in Thailand


What the Dickens?

Anyone who thought UFC President Dana White was one of the three Scrooges may want to Ho-Ho-Hold on a minute, as brings word that a dying girl in Thailand may be getting the gift of life this holiday season after a fund-raising plea found its way to the Zuffa brass.

From the "Save Tuptim" campaign:

I am writing to you from Australia in regards to a little baby girl, Tuptim, who is dying and desperately needs medical attention. She is the daughter of 3 x Lumpinee Champion and World Muay Thai Champion Mr. Rattanachai Jadngooluem ("Kru Nai"). Kru Nai is a teacher at Tiger Muay Thai and MMA Camp, Phuket, and urgently needs your help.

Tiny Tuptim may indeed walk again thanks to White's generosity. The foul-mouthed but good-hearted fight promoter will reportedly be cutting a check to cover the remaining costs needed to fund her life-saving liver transplant.

Word of Tuptim's condition quickly spread through MMA's popular Underground Forum, where amateur fighter Ben Pittsley detailed his recent trip to the Tiger Muay Thai camp in Thailand and the heavy hearts that populated its staff:

I recently visitied Tiger Muay Thai and had the experience of a lifetime, But this is not about me, this is about SAVING THE LIFE OF A 4yr OLD GIRL!!!!

I had the pleasure of training with Kru Nai and meeting his family....When I returned home I learned that his daughter needs a LIVER TRANSPLANT or will die....the doctors gave 4 weeks to live.....

Please donate and help save a life

If you are a true ambassador for the sport.....PAY FOR THIS SURGERY!!!

Please help, no donation to small........the clock is ticking or contact TIGER MUAY THAI for details

Nai is the trainer in Roger Huerta's HL Video.....

STEP UP Mr. WHITE.....please save a life

While a good number of forum replies questioned Pittsley's decision to specifically appeal to the UFC prez and "put him on the spot," the strategy apparently worked, as Underground member and UFC employee saucylv33 wrote back, "Dana will pay for the remaining funds needed for the surgery."

Tiger Muay Thai associate/fighter Ray Elbe later posted (via

Just received confirmation that Dana White is the reason for the season. Monday morning he will be having his assistant contact Grainne Farrell of Lotus Medical to make arrangements for the payment of the Liver transplant operation. Amazing. DFW you have no idea how many people's prayers you answered with this random act of generosity.

There has been no official word yet from the UFC and the website associated with Tuptim's fund-raising efforts has yet to confirm White's financial assistance. As always, stay tuned to for future updates as this story develops.

For more on the "Save Tuptim" campaign click here.

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