Are you making the playoffs?

The end of the regular season is coming to an end this week here in the inaugural season of the MMAmania Fantasy Football League.  6 of the 12 teams will be making the playoffs.  1 of the teams still needs to pay, but I've just about given up all hope on that...


DetroitDrew should have the points title all but locked up.  He leads Buster by 50 and me by 100.


Current Standings


Division 1

1. Puck Head 9-3 (1445)

3. Dragon 8-4 (1589)

6. ViolentMike 7-5 (1635)

7. bjpennfan 7-5 (1333)

10 MMACHAMP 4-8 (1335)

11. Nostradumbass 3-9 (1155)


Division 2

2. Jay 9-3 (1381)

4. DetroitDrew 7-5 (1735)

5. Buster Bluth 7-5 (1681)

8. kevjack 5-7 (1209)

9. bigGcastle 4-8 (1417)

12. Dice 2-10 (1318)


And now a quick peek at the week 13 matchups - the final week of our regular season!  Here, an * means that there are playoff implications on the matchup.

ViolentMike vs MMACHAMP*

bigGcastle vs jay

DetroitDrew vs Kevjack*

Dragon vs bjpennfan*

Puck Head vs Nostradumbass

Buster Bluth vs Dice*


* IF bjpennfan loses, then Dragon, Drew, Buster, and ViolentMike make the playoffs.

  If Buster wins, he is in.

  If Drew wins, he is in

  If ViolentMike wins, he is in

  Winner of Dragon vs bjpennfan is in and the loser is out unless the loser is Dragon and he outscores ViolentMike by 46 points

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