The Official MMA Slang Dictionary


MMA is a sport filled with numerous techniques, methodologies, and tactics.  In fact, the catalog of skills is so varied and expansive that many casual fans (and nearly all judges) can barely even correctly identify a small portion of them as the athletes effortlessly transition from one to another.

In addition to those named skills, add the snowballing list of MMA slang and lingo, which is routinely expressed among the many MMA blogs. 

What you are left with is a whirlwind of MMA information and jargon that could make even a moderately educated fan scratching their head.

With that, I would like to examine some of our favorite MMA terms and definition, and effectively start "The Official MMA Slang Dictionary."

Below are a couple of my favorites:


Fitch’d – Named in Honor of Jon Fitch, it’s when a superior wrestler takes down and completely smothers his opponent while doing minimal damage.  It’s typically rinse and repeat all the way to a decision victory.



In a sentence:  Did you see the fights last night?  You didn’t miss anything; Benny Blanco got completely fitch’d by Nick Lentz…


Reemtastic – With regard to Alistair Overeem, it’s when a fighter is so insanely muscular that his muscles have muscles, and the only logical explanation for being that jacked is consuming large amounts of horse meat.



In a sentence:  Did you see Bobby Lashley at the weigh-ins last night?  Holy sh*t, he was massively Reemtastic…


Fedorable – Named in Honor of The Last Emperor, it’s when a fighter’s unparalleled fighting skill is surpassed only by his pleasant demeanor and love for horizontally striped sweaters…



In a sentence:  My girlfriend saw GSP at the mall yesterday.  She said he was wearing a hideous sweater, but was super nice; totally Fedorable…


So what are some of the other MMA slang terms that should be added to the dictionary?

Lets hear it Maniacs……

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