HELP!!! Can Someone Help Clarify this Fedor Mess?

The GOD is training for a late January fight... I cant say for certain that its with Strikeforce, but knowing that they have an event planned for late January, I will be shocked if its not in a strikeforce cage. Fedors camp saying they will know the name of the opponent this weekend. Whats worrying me, is that I know that he is preparing for a late January fight and has been for a while now, but what about his opponent?

Alistar: Fresh off a K-1 GP win last weekend, already stating that he expects to fight at the Dynamite year end show in a few weeks, and hopes its for a DREAM HW title. The other day, he also said that he expects to return to the SF cage in the spring. There is also no way in hell that Alistar fights Fedor on short notice. He isnt clinically Insane to do so. This all tells me that Alistar wont be Fedors opponent in January.

Werdum: Coming off a surgery. This is the biggest fight available to both Fedor and Werdum regardless of Alistar holding the belt. This is as big money of a fight as it gets for SF and werdum. Has Werdum been training for a late January fight? I dont know what the hell Werdum is doing! Is his rehab even done yet? I do know that Werdum aint giving Fedor a rematch on short notice while Fedor has been training and he hasnt...and nor should he!

Bigfoot: just fought a few weekends back so, Doubt he would fight Fedor 5 weeks later, especially since he took a beating in the 1st round against Kyle. who is there left for Fedor to face?

Barnett: maybe? He tends to be in some form of fighting shape all year round, and has taken plenty of fights on short notice before....but he isnt even reinstated with the athletic commission yet from the Afliction Debacle. No way SF books a main event fight with a fighter who they dont even know will be cleared to fight for that date.

Arlovski: isnt big enough of a fight to put on because he in on a bad losing streak in SF.

Hershal: wont be sentenced to death against Fedor

Lashly: doesnt have the balls

Only fighter dumb enough to do it is Mike Kyle....and I highly doubt SF will be booking Fedor vs. Mike Kyle any time soon.

Maybe bad ass Sergei Kharitonov is crazy enough to take this fight, but he just got KO"ed in the GP last weekend.

There arent even any cans for Fedor to whoop on that will fight in January.

Can someone tell me what the Fuck is going on? HELP!!!!!!

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