My Take On The Debate, Anderson Silva Still World's Best.

Who is the world’s best pound for pound fighter?  What a difference a few days, one fight, and hype will do for a ranking.  George St. Pierre is without a doubt the best Canadian fighter ever.  He is arguably the most popular Canadian sports star since Wayne Gretzky, but does a decision win over Josh Koscheck put him in rarefied air as the world’s best? 

For the post in its entirety:  I think not! This question is more of a riddle, puzzle, or brain teaser.  More of a personal preference than right or wrong question.  How can someone determine who is the best between two incredible fighters that are both future Hall of Famers, seem to be untouchable, whose styles are so different?




This is like asking who would you rather have at QB Peyton or Tom…There really is no wrong answer.  Peyton….

To help us determine the P4P best, we will look at their last 5 fights. 


1:  Josh Koscheck by Unanimous Decision (UFC 124)

2:  Dan Hardy by Unanimous Decision (UFC 111)

3:  Thiago Alves by Unanimous Decision (UFC 100)

4:  BJ Penn by TKO/ Ref Stoppage (UFC 94)

5:  John Fitch by Unanimous Decision (UFC 87)

**GSP’s last loss was to Matt Serra (UFC 69, April 2007)**

Anderson Silva

1:  Chael Sonnen by submission (UFC 117)

2:  Demian Maia by Unanimous Decision (UFC 112)

3:  Forrest Griffin by KO (UFC 101)

4:  Thales Leites by Unanimous Decision (UFC 97)

5:  Patrick Cote by Injury Stoppage (UFC 90)

**Silva’s last loss was to Yushin Okami due to illegal kicks (Rumble on the rock, January 2006)**


On paper the wins by GSP are better until you look at how the fight was finished.  The largest chink (and its really not a fault) in GSP’s armor is that he doesn’t always finish fights.  He is a very intelligent fighters that is more concerned with winning than highlights.  Similar to an old school point guard, this is a great testament to his character and what he is attempting to accomplish as a Mixed Martial Artist.

Anderson Silva could have just been THAT much better than his competition.  He rarely went to decision in this stretch and when he did it was because his challengerswere running from him!   Sure, he was in deep trouble against Sonnen, but on paper all you see is a win.  Champions find a way to win, and that is what he did.


What do you guys think?  Can we learn anything by the records or is it an apple to orange comparison?

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