McArthur's 2010 MMAMania Fight Pick'em Pool - UFC 125 - and UFC 124 Results

First off, I'd just like to briefly explain my absense.  Due to big time cut-backs at work, many sites seem to be "off-line".  One of which is sadly Mania.  I have temporarily become a weekend poster. 

Secondly, this pool WILL go through to the end.  "The end" meaning till 1 guy (or girl) is left.  There will obviously be no more new players added.  Some of you are still picking though, which is cool.  I don't like eliminating those who have forgotten to pick but have made the rule and will be stickin' to it.  Sorry to those who I've known on here for years but rules are rules. 

I've thoroughly ended doing it and have appreciated the response and participation from all 162 of us that have played at one time or another.  Sorry its taken so long to finish and I wish I had something more for the winner but I don't have much. 


But I do have something.


After this pool is over I WILL NOT be doing another.  It takes a lot of work and time, neither of which I feel like volenteering again.  If anyone else wants to start a new pool like this or different, have at it.  I honestly couldn't care less.  In fact, I'd play along with everyone else provided it was cool and not gay which I could totally see happening.  Haha.  One pool which I'm involved in, has actually been a ton of fun.  This link will explain more:


Trust me when I say its a lot of fun and well worth the $20.  In fact its so fun, I will be paying the entry fee for the winner of McArthur's Pickem Pool!!!!!!!  Its not much, but it's something.  I think we all know bragging rights is what's mostly at stake here. 


Thanks again, good luck, and hopefully see playin at!



Event: UFC 125: "Resolution"
Date: Sat., Jan. 1, 2011, at 10 p.m. ET on pay-per-view (PPV)
Location: MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada

Main Event:

155 lbs.: Frankie Edgar vs. Gray Maynard

Main Card (Televised):

205 lbs.: Thiago Silva vs. Brandon Vera
155 lbs.: Takanori Gomi vs. Clay Guida
170 lbs.: Chris Leben vs. Brian Stann
170 lbs.: Nate Diaz vs. Dong Hyun Kim

Undercard (May not be broadcast):

155 lbs.: Marcus Davis vs. Jeremy Stephens
145 lbs.: Mike Brown vs. Diego Nunes
155 lbs.: Cole Miller vs. Matt Wiman



96  David W-S


95  ricky~dooby

95  Tr8k


94  Carthur


93  BNF

93  jay


92  Captain Ernesto


90  Ulf Murphy

90  Buster Bluth

90  Wingblade


89  Irishkev

89  scott1


88  DB22

88  Cole


87  sarah

87  Slim473

87  Amos14

87  Puck Head

87  MM_Eh

87  Red Eye Jedi


86  eagzy

86  frosnt1

86  Synyster_08


85  McArthur

85  Lester The Pimp


84  theCloser

84  BJPennfan

84  P-Dub

84  D_Smith


82  child

82  tap or snap bons

82  ShowMeYourJits

82  brendog


81  Felix

81  Bigger Zino



80  OJR

80  WallyBallz

80  Danza Macabra

80  AintNoSunshine

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