Yuri Marajó - Next LW superstar? Get to know him.



Yesterday, Yuri "Marajó" Alcantara made the news in the MMA world as the most recent Brazilian acquisition under the Zuffa banner. He signed a 5 fight contract, with the first one against Ricardo Lamas already scheduled for WEC 53 (the farewell event at December 16).

A highly active fighter (he already fought seven times in 2010), he is on a 10 fight winning streak, with 9 of those being finishes. His last two bouts were part of the Jungle Fight Lightweight Grand Prix, and crowned him the Jungle Fight LW world champion.

With a record of 20-3-0, Marajó is definitely a finisher. He has 8 (T)KOs and 11 Submissions, only one of his wins coming by decision. 

More info and some vids after the jump.

He is a very well rounded fighter, with solid striking, good use of kicks and knees. However, the most dangerous aspect of his game is the groundwork. Using his background of Luta Marajoara, an indigenous type of wrestling, he can defend takedowns and put his opponents to the mat, land in favorable positions and submit them. The armbar and the triangle choke seem to be his favorite weapons, finishing with the first 5 times and with the latter 3 times in a row.

I watched 4 of his fights very close to the ring, so he quickly became one of my favorite local fighters. Seeing him achieve such a hot streak and finally getting his shot at fighting internationaly, which he has stated is his dream makes me very satisfied.

In this point of his career, I think he and his manager, former mma fighter and BJJ legend Wallid Ismail, need to secure some wins, solidify his presence in the promotion, and expand his game by training with different fighters. Apart from that, Marajó certainly has the chops to become a threat to any competitor in the division.

I found these videos that I'd like to share so you get to see him in action:

Marajó vs. Mario Pimba


Marajó vs. Francisco Drinaldo "Massaranduba" - first fight of the Grand Prix, a la AS-Sonnen. Black & White trunks for Marajó.


Marajó vs. Manuelo Morales - That was a "Holy shit!" moment for me, final match of the GP.

I'll be rooting for him. I hope he achieves the sucess he deserves.

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