True Fantasy MMA: Second Matchup




Score one for the accents. Remy LeBeau takes out Mr. Fantastic to secure a spot in the quarterfinals.

Now for one of the stranger matchups on the bracket...

173188-119353-black-canary_super_medium VS Leonardo_medium

In the first ever cross-species AND cross-gender matchup in MMA history, screamin' eagle Dinah "Black Canary" Lance squares off against true underground fighter Leonardo. Let's break it down.

STRIKING: Gotta give the edge to Leo, here. Both fighters are expert martial artists, well-versed in the subtleties of punching 'em where it hurts. Leo, however, will have a fairly significant weight advantage and the ability to completely ignore body shots. Canary's only trump card on the feet is her Canary Cry (enough to literally blow someone to pieces at close range), but the amount of collateral damage that would invite AND her own pride will keep that one under wraps. Plus, Leo's got the better training camp; while Canary has contacts like Lady Shiva, she works out on her own while Leo has three excellent sparring partners and a hell of a gameplanner. Swords or not, look for Leonardo to back Canary into the fence with heavy, heavy shots.

GRAPPLING: This has got to favor Black Canary. For all the benefits of Leo's camp, there's not a wrestler among them. Combine that with questionable work off his back (no submission victories despite a bevy of weak grapplers as opponents) and you get a golden opportunity for Lance. Trips and throws have to be on her mind at all times. While the turtle's weird weight distribution might stymie any crazy maneuvers, he's wide open for brutal GnP or submissions from the top. Chokes'll be difficult, but nothing's stopping a solid armbar.

FIGHT IQ: One's obsessed with pizza. The other's a planner close to Batman's level. No comparison.

GAS TANK: Canary again. Leonardo, despite what his build might indicate, has a TERRIBLE diet. The amount of grease he consumes on a daily basis has likely clogged his arteries beyond belief; he'll fade early.

HOW THE FIGHT WILL GO DOWN: Look for Leonardo to hurt Canary early with heavy kicks, but fail to capitalize on the efficacy of leg kicks. By the middle of the second round, he should be tired enough for Canary to tip him over and land some VICIOUS GnP en route to a stoppage victory.

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