Former WEC fighter Will Ribeiro wakes from coma paralyzed, pleads for YOUR help!


For those of you who don't know, Will once fought in the WEC, and after returning to his home in Brazil from a bout against Brian Bowles at WEC 37 was involved in a motorcycle accident that resulted in Will suffering tremendous injuries which left him partially paralyzed and robbed him of not only a career as a promising fighter, but also the ability to financially support himself.  His former manager (Ed Soares) and gym (Black House) are not helping him.  But WE can!

Learn his story and how you can make a difference after the jump!

Do you truly CARE about MMA?


Or do you just think you do?


(NOTE: PAYPAL info added at bottom)



Ribeiro was critically injured while riding on the back of a motorcycle on rain-slick roads without a helmet. He was in a comatose state and lost vision in one eye. Doctors gave Ribeiro a 50/50 chance of ever waking up.

And he did.


Until recently however, Ribeiro has basically been out of sight and out of mind to many MMA fans.

Some may never even have heard of him.

Until one day…

I was checking the daily news feed on Facebook, when I suddenly took notice of a message that Ribeiro had been pasting onto dozen’s of different Facebook walls.

It read (JR revision):

"I am Will Ribeiro. I fought in the WEC event against Brian Bowles and Chase Beebe. After fighting in the United States, I returned to Brazil and suffered a motorcycle accident.

"Half of my body is partially paralyzed. I am not able to work at this very moment, and my business managers Jorge Guimarães (Black House manager) and Ed Soares have not helped me.

"I need help urgently!

"Wanderlei Silva gave me one of his fight shorts for Auction in the United States to help me with my rehab. Michael Costa and Wanderlei will try to make the campaign to help me. Wanderlei is a very nice guy.

"I have no mother or father. Only my brother takes care of me. Thank you very much to heart."

Honestly, I didn’t know what to make of this at first, so I decided to reach out directly to Ribeiro, but due to his injuries and lack of English, our conversation was kept short.

James Ryan: Hi Will, I understand you need help.

Will Ribeiro: Thank you for your feedback, James. I’m glad someone heard my call for help.

James Ryan: First of all, I am very sorry to hear about your continued suffering. I really admire your courage, and I am glad that you have been recovering from your injuries, albeit, very slowly.

Will Ribeiro: Thank you. It has been hard but I am not giving up.

James Ryan: As a suggestion, have you thought about selling the Wanderlei Silva shorts on eBay?

Will Ribeiro: Not yet. My brother told me that Wanderlei would have more of a chance, because I am an international athlete and fought in the WEC in the United States.

I do not speak English. I use the Google Translator to be able to talk with you. What can you do for me? I thank you from my heart.

James Ryan: I love the Google Translator. Ever since I started writing for El Octagono (Spanish only) and expanding my fan-base down into Brasil (Portuguese), I have used it quite a bit.

What can I do to help?

I have been asking myself that very question, Will.

I spoke with Denis Martins, a UFC writer from Brazil and he suggested that I should first contact the co-founder of the WEC, Reed Harris, and then collaborate something with all sides involved.

Denis also said that you were a good kid.

I think the best way that I can help you is to help spread your message—and I will.

Will Ribeiro: Thank you, James.

It is at this time that I would like to ask all of the readers to please watch the attached video. Yes, it is sad to watch, but it’s also incredibly inspiring when you consider everything that Will has been through.

This is a young fighter who wasn’t probably supposed to live, let alone walk again.


If you would like to help Will with his treatments, purchase of medicines, transportation, and other expenses for his recovery, please make your deposit to the account detailed below:

Name: Will Ribeiro Marco Pessoa
Bank: Caixa Economica Federal
Agency: 0201
Savings Account: 01300006328-7
Phone (radio): (21) 7889-7776

Please donate what you can to help this young man. Everything counts.


Note: I did not write this nor am trying to claim I wrote this. Just trying to spread the word and I wanna give credit to for telling me about this story. All credit goes to James Ryan.


Mr. James Ryan
Freelance Mixed Martial Arts Sportswriter


James also says "you can send money through PayPal to: This is my email address and I will absolutely guarantee that 100% of any money will make it to Will."

Please view James Ryan's site and read the comments for more information (it's linked above)

Please spread the word and donate!!!

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