True Fantasy MMA: Bracket and First Matchup



You thought I was kidding, didn't you?


 And now, onto the first matchup...

Reed_richard_mr_fantastic_medium VS Gambit-2_medium


Now THIS is an interesting style matchup. Ultra-super-double genius and stretchmaster Reed "Mr. Fantastic" Richards goes toe-to-toe with French card shark Remy "Gambit" LeBeau. Let's break it down point-by-point.

STRIKING: I've gotta go with Gambit on the feet. In addition to Savate skills, anything inanimate in his hands is a deadly weapon; wouldn't be too hard for him to sneak something in and/or blow up his own gloves on a hard straight punch. Where Fantastic might have a shot is with a long, long, LONG jab, but too many hours a day in the lab'll rust your technical skills all to hell. That said, I don't see Remy hurting him much unless he supercharges his gloves. If he can catch Fantastic unawares, though, he could easily break a bone and force a stoppage.

GRAPPLING: No question; Fantastic eats Remy alive on the ground. Picture Shinya Aoki with no bones and you've basically got an idea of what'll happen if he gets hold of Gambit. The big question is, CAN he? LeBeau is an experienced street fighter and acrobat, and considering that Fantastic's preferred range is about "a whole fucking lot" feet, he can likely see the grabbing limbs incoming. Fantastic's reflexes'll have to be top-notch to catch him.

FIGHT IQ: Do you really need to ask?

GAS TANK: Going with Gambit. Again, Richards is a scientist above all else, and likely doesn't possess the sort of conditioning a lifetime hooligan like Gambit does. Of course, as TUF 11 showed us, French guys' hearts may not be into it.


HOW THE FIGHT'LL GO: I see Remy popping in and out with hard shots and body kicks, Richards trying to wrap him up whenever he gets close. The longer the fight goes on, the more it favors Fantastic, however, as Gambit's likely going to slow down just enough to get wrapped up in a fight-ending choke from across the cage. But can Fantastic survive an explosive punch from the Frenchman?

I think so. Fantastic by fourth-round submission.

Anyone care to argue?

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