My Second Pro Fight (Video)

Hey guys-I did a fan post a little while back recapping my 2nd professional MMA fight, and I was just recently informed that the company that filmed the fights (CFX) posted them on YouTube. I didnt want to post it there myself, cause I didnt really want the video on YouTube for strategic reasons, but it appears that its out there anyway. And below the vid, it says "This video is unlisted". I tried to search for it using google, and it didnt come up, so hopefully no one else can find it. So I hope you enjoy the video and my thoughts after the jump.

After watching the video I realized that my fanpost made it sound like I looked much better than I did. I apologize for that. I am not at all impressed with my performance, and I welcome any and all criticism that you wanna throw my way. Just know that I'm not posting this vid to boast about my "awesome fighting skills"-I'm doing it cause my fellow maniacs requested it.

This whole experience has given me even more appreciation for the real pros who do this for a living. After watching myself in this fight, it was hard to go back to my gym. Even though I won, I felt like my display made my gym look bad. My striking is much better than the video shows, its actually my bread and butter and I would be so bold as to say its above average when it comes to the talent pool in my area. Which isn't saying much, but still, its better than what you are about to witness.

So here I am, getting down on myself and beating myself up because I dont feel like i preformed to the best of my ability.Yes, I got the sub, but I could have done so much better. Now I'm going to mention a few fights-Forrest Griffin vs. Anderson Silva, Anderson Silva vs Rich Franklin I. Joe Lauzon vs. Gabe Rudeiger. GSP vs BJ Penn II. Silva vs. Rampage I and II. The losers of those fights not only lost-they got dominated. They were made to look bad. They took ass whoopings of epic proportions And at that level, no one can be called a bad fighter. I can't imagine how many sleepless nights they had. How many days they hung their heads. People still give Forrest flack for running out of the octagon after Silva beat him like a red-headed step son, but I now understand why he did it. I may not agree with it, but I understand.

I lost once in front of a mere 700 people, then I won in front of roughly the same number of people. Both times unsatisfied with my performances. There is no feeling like the feeling that there is something you didn't finish doing, and you are completely helpless to do anything about it. "Why didn't I throw the Thai 4-count that I had practiced on the heavy bag so many times? Why didn't I throw my jab, left hook to the head, left hook to the liver, rear kick that I landed so many times while sparring? Why didn't I throw a switch kick to the head when his right hand was down so low?" And worst of all, "When I turned him into the cage, why the HELL didn't I separate and throw combinations?!"

And then you have the fights where people work their asses off for 8 or 12 weeks, prepare physically and mentally, step into a cage in front of 17,000 people, plus the hundreds of thousands watching on TV, and they get their asses beat like a 6-year old that broke his mom's favorite china teacup. I cannot fathom what that would feel like. Yet you have people like Rich Franklin, people like Matt Hughes (Think GSP III), Matt Serra (GSP II), and even (forgive me ABM) Brock Lesnar who take these poundings and hold their heads up, give credit to their opponents-even thank them sometimes-and walk out of the arena just as proudly as they walked in.

Ever had a really embarrassing incident happen to you at school/work and dread going back the next day? Remember how bad that felt? Yeah multiply that by a million and I'm guessing you might have an idea of how those guys felt.

Anyway, I apologize for making this so long. I just wanted to throw out a few of my thoughts and experiences that this fight taught me. Not to suggest anyone is unintelligent, but I walk out first, my name is Andrew Keller, I'm wearing the yellow gloves and have the black/camo Sprawl shorts on. And when the fight is over, and I'm laying on my back-the overwhelming rush of emotion right there is indescribable.

I want to laugh, cry, scream, all at the same time. I could never live the life of a full-time fighter, but I am extremely grateful that I've been given the opportunity and the ability to at least participate in the sport that I love so much. I hope you enjoy the video, and I hope that if you are on the fence about competing, you do it. At least once.

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