WEC 52 : Thoughts from a fan

Well guys, this is my first fanpost.  I just have a few thoughts/concerns about WEC 52.  I thought it was a fantastic show.  I had it DVR'ed so I do not know what stupid things Bonnar said in between fights.  Even though many know the outcomes, here is a wrap up of what happened and how the results could have been different.


Damacio Page Vs. Demetrious Johnson


I thought this was a decent fight.  Page looked to dominate the first round with his poweful striking.  The striking did not prevail, but his throws were right on point.  He hip/judo tossed Johnson to the canvas three times in the round.  On the other hand, Johnson came threw with some double-leg take downs of his own.  The latter rounds were mainly dominated by Johnson who used his superior wrestling and cardio to out-work Page.  Page may have suffered from ring rust, but he still should have pounced on a smaller, weaker opponent.


Joseph Benavidez Vs. Wagnney Fabiano


Benavidez started off  Team-Alpha Male with an  impressive submission win over a 3rd degree black belt.  Claiming he was the jujitsu killer, Joseph showed to respect to the older and slower Fabiano.  Joesph used his speed and footwork to outstrike Fabiano all around the cage. Fabiano looked hesitant to throw a strike and it soon caught up to him.  Benavidez ended up bringing the fight to the ground and tried two failed attempts of a guillotine. Although the first two were unsuccesful, the Team-Alpha Male 135er stuck to his bread and butter and ended up securing a guillotine and forcing Fabiano to tap.


Erik Koch Vs. Francisco Rivera


Most fighters who lose a chance to become the number one contender can wilt, but Eric Koch achieved quite the opposite.  Coming out of Duke Roufas's camp, Koch used his superior kick-boxing skills to hurt Rivera and eventually obtaining the KO of the night.  Koch nailed some swift kicks to the mid section of Rivera and then finally faked a low kick and struck with a nasty left-high head kick.  Rivera claims to be tough, but a shin to the head can make any man go night night.


Chad Mendes Vs. Javier Vazquez


Javier Vazquez claimed Mendes was 'spoon-fed' by the WEC.  Those comments by Javier made Mendes push himself in practice and ended up fueling his fire. And it showed.  Like his teammate did earlier in the night, Mendes came out with unorthodox striking and great speed/footwork. After beating up Vazquez on his feet for a bit, Mendes brought the fight to the ground and used some decent ground and pound.  I was petrified of Vazquez's rubber guard.  I feel like Mendes could have been caught in it at any moment, but the Team Alpha Male member showed his jits were good enough to hold up with the aging Vazquez.


Urijah Faber Vs. Takeya Mizugaki


Is Urijah back!?!? Possibly. He looked good lastnight and he showed his vintage scrappiness. Faber was too quick for Mizugaki and ended up on his back and secured a nice rear-naked choke.  I almost sh*t myself when Takeya was out stiff like that, but I guess thats what happens when you decide not to tap. I think it is foolish on Mizugaki's part.

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