Brock = Kimbo?

I found this in the comments on mmajunkie and thought it was pretty funny. It is obviously ridiculous to compare the two, but I am sure some of you guys will enjoy it. Differences between them are further down. Full credit goes to a random dude on junkie. Here goes:

Both have more in common than you think.....Let's take a look.......




Both had ridiculously huge hype trains that ended up getting embarrassingly wrecked and derailed.

Both were put on high pedestals way before they should have been.

Both looked promising early on.....[Kimbo beat up Mercer, Tank, and Cantrell.... Brock beat up Kim, Herring, Mir-II, and Couture.]

Both guys got their asses completely kicked by men who were roughly 25 pounds lighter....

Both guys were wearing beards at the time they were destroyed.

Both were destroyed in the first round.

Both Brock and Kimbo were also nearly beaten in matches that could have been stopped, but somehow managed to secure wins..[Kimbo nearly lost to Thompson, and Brock nearly lost to Carwin.]

Both guys had training camps the didn't really work....[Bas Rutten was unable to properly prepare Kimbo for MMA... The Deathclutch folks were unable to properly prepare Brock for MMA.]

Both guys are hard headed, stubborn, and are difficult to work with/train with.

Both have questionable chins.

Both are clueless and look helpless when under pressure and tend to wilt once they are out of their elements/comfort zones.

Both have fought for the UFC.

Both have heavily muscled upper bodies, and under sized lower legs.

Both have been rumored to bench-press in the 480 pound range.

Both dabbled in football.

Both worked in the entertainment industry before entering into MMA...[Kimbo worked in porn/security guard, Brock worked in the WWE.]

Both are one-dimensional type fighters.

Both are/were overrated.

Both are big draws and sell lots of PPV's.

Both are/were the cash cows of their promotional companies.

Both started into MMA very late in life.

Both have enough money to live comfortably for the rest of their lives.

Both seemed rougher & tougher outside of professional MMA....[Kimbo beat up people in his backyard using bareknuckles].....{Brock f-5'd the Bigshow, did shooting start presses landing on his head, and hit people in the head with steel chairs}.

Kimbo has quit MMA and is irrelevant.....After another loss, Brock will also likely quit MMA and become irrelevant.

Both of their promoters were seen in deep despair after they had gotten wrecked....[Jared Shaw was seen jumping up and down and freaking out as Kimbo was getting beatdown on national TV........Dana White was seen in the cage looking like he was sick and about to throw up his dinner, shortly after Brock got his ass whipped by Velasquez at UFC 121.



Kimbo is Black, Brock is white.

Brock is 6'3", Kimbo is 6'2"

Kimbo shaves his chest hair..Brock doesn't have any chest hair.

Kimbo has no ground game...Brock has no standup game.

Brock has hair on the top of his head....Kimbo has hair on the sides of his head.

Kimbo has a bigger beard.

Brock has bigger hands.

Brock weighs in at 265...Kimbo weighs in at 230

Kimbo was on the TUF show.....Brock was in WWE shows.

Kimbo got beat up by a kid with pink hair.....Brock got beat up by a kid with short black hair.

When Brock got his ass kicked, he was bleeding.....Kimbo just got beat up.

Brock stumbled across the octagon from a glancing uppercut.....Kimbo went straight down from a jab.

Brock did an awesome "720" spin during his beating......Kimbo did nothing awesome during his beating.

Kimbo beat up bums in the street.....Brock threw guys around in the NCAA wrestling meets.....[although Neither guy really transitioned into MMA very well as complete fighters regardless of what their prior credentials may have been].

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