The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 12: Episode 4 recap and discussion


The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) Season 12, featuring welterweight coaches (and division rivals) Josh Koscheck and Georges St. Pierre, is back for Episode 4 with Team GSP out to an early 2-0 lead.

As usual, we get a quick recap of last week's elimination bout and while Michael Johnson won the fight, some of the other contestants are wondering if he was worthy of being picked number one after such a close contest.

"Iron" Mike Tyson is still hanging around after the fight since he clearly has nowhere else to be. The former boxing great drops some knowledge on Team GSP back in the locker room. Dane Sayers calls him a "hero" and Coach St. Pierre is eating up every philosophical word.

At the gym, Coach Koscheck is ready to "get busy living or get busy dying." Somewhere a database of "Kos" TUF quotes is quietly being compiled.

Back at the TUF house, Bruce Leroy, who is sounding more and more like diet Jamie Yager, gets called out by Sevak Magakian for being an obnoxious loudmouth. Apparently "The Crazy Armenian" hasn't watched seasons 1-11 because every show is required to have one. 

Naturally Caceres continues to push his buttons until Magakian blows a gasket and has to be restrained.

The next day at the gym, Coach St. Pierre blows his nose like a champ and Koscheck calls him a robotic nerd. "Rush" promises to do his talking inside the cage.

It's time for the fight picks and Kyle Watson will face Andrew Main. Dana White calls it an interesting match-up because it will either be a stand-up fight or a jiu-jitsu fight.

Way to nail down a position there Mr. President.

Watson spars with GSP and assistant coach John Danaher takes the Dana approach to predicting fights. Well, here's a prediction of my own: Kyle Watson is going to either win or lose.

During the break, Miller Lite gives us an epic commercial that calls out all the bar hopping tough guys who dress head to toe in the latest overpriced fight gear. Dragons and skulls don't impress girls, they impress other bar hopping tough guys.

Coach Koscheck tries to rattle St. Pierre by playing up the homosexual angle, suggesting the Canadian fights in Speedos to have the male fans admire his junk.

GSP is not impressed with his insults.

Andy Main has that "Aw, shucks" look and admits his striking is not up to the level it needs to be to compete at a high level -- but is still confident his superior ground game will make up for the deficiencies.

Both fighters make weight without incident and Koscheck is in awe of Kyle Watson's ass. This, combined with last week's motorboating comment, and I think maybe it's Kos who needs to reconsider his sexuality.

Koscheck admits he's nervous heading into this fight because he doesn't want to fall 0-3 to a French guy. As if opening the season 0-3 to an American guy would be any more honorable.

The pep talks seem to work on Main as he tells the camera that he's getting fired up and has invested himself emotionally in the success of not just himself, but his team as well.

Coach Danaher stares at the camera like Landon after he was lobotomized by Dr. Zaius and I know he's talking but that creepy blank look on his face has somehow disrupted my ability to hear it.

GSP tries to help Watson overcome his pre-fight anxiety by running him through drills and then declaring him the winner like it was a real contest. Main on the other hand is a little looser before the match and can't imagine being outworked once the cage door closes.

We shall see.

Elimination fight #3: Kyle Watson (13-6-1) vs. Andy Main (4-1)

Round 1: I check the clock and it's 10:43. Looks like we might be going to the scorecards with this one. Sloppy exchanges open the bout. Main eats a big punch and answers with one of his own over GSP's "Ehhhhhh!" They go to the cage and Main can't get the takedown so he jumps on Watson's back but good wrist control stymies his submission offense. Main lands a few mallet fists and keeps working for the neck. Watson finally leans forward and they crumble to the mat but it's Main who's in control. Watson plays hard to get and eventually frees himself. He tries to punish from the top but Main does a good job of wrapping him up. Watson pulls him away from the fence and tries to work from inside the guard but does little damage. He passes to side control with a few seconds left and drops a few elbows to close out the round.

Round 2: Arianny wiggles her cans. God I love this sport. Ugly hands that favor Main are the first order of business and Watson decides he's not hanging around long enough to get Simmler'd. He shoots and scores and slowly takes advantage of an exhausted Main on the mat. A little too slowly as the ref calls for more action. Watson postures up and flops down with no damage but good position. From side control Main gives up his back in a poorly executed escape and Watson is all over it. He sinks in the rear naked choke and it's 0-3'sville for Team Koscheck. Yikes.

After the fight, Koscheck storms off and blames Main for the loss and can't understand why he didn't listen or follow the gameplan. On the other side, Watson is not pleased with his showing but still happy to get the win. A slow piano solo takes us into next week's preview which promises ...

Bruce Leroy and a failed prank! Jon Fitch! Chuck Liddell! A special mystery guest to show these fools what's what and of course another elimination fight!

See you in seven!

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