Post UFC 121: Junior Dos Santos Interview


Props: Tatame


What did you think of the fight between Brock Lesnar and Cain Velasquez?


It was a very exciting fight to watch, I was there and it was beautiful to see. The willingness of Brock Lesnar as the fight began, as he went for it… But, in my opinion, he got tired. Cain Velasquez was smart enough and showed superiority, was calm enough to wait for the right moment and chance the picture and win by TKO.


Were you surprised when Brock went for it with all his strength right on the beginning of the bout?


I was surprised, everybody was. A title fight usually has a very cautious beginning, it’s a five-round fight, and so you start being careful so that you won’t get tired. I think he tried to really go for it, he knew that Velasquez’s conditioning was amazing. He did a great beginning, took him down and applied a flying knee, but I think he got tired.


Did you meet Cain on the backstage of the event after the fight?


Yeah, I did... They usually make an interview with the winners live on ESPN, right after the event, and they called me too. I’ve met Velasquez and congratulated him. He deserves to be known as the number one today.


He deserves, but you want to take his place, right? (laughs)


Yes, he deserves, but I’ll give my best, even a little more than that, to take his belt away and bring it to Brazil on my waist. I’m coming back to Bahia, I’ll keep my trainings and soon, when I know about the fight’s date, I’ll go to the United States to do my camp. I have the Wrestling guys there to help me, so I have to train hard to get this belt.


How is your Wrestling evolution going?


I’ve spend a little more than a month on the United Stated training on Alliance and on Minotauro’s new gym, in San Diego... I’ve trained a lot with Phil Davis, who fights on UFC and is a great wrestler, four-time All-American… High level. I’ve trained with Brandon Vera, who’s great, really tough, used to fight heavyweights. The trainings were great back there, I was very happy, but I have to go home, charge my batteries, clean things up here (laughs)… When I know the date for sure, I’ll go there to keep the trainings.


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