HeadBlade review: No tricks, just treats for the bald and the beautiful this Halloween


Who can believe it's that time of year already?

Yes, I'm talking about Halloween, which will soon be upon us, complete with all the usual scares we can attribute to October 31st. Ghosts and Goblins, Dracula and Frankenstein, and of course the most frightening thing any man would ever dare face.

Head shaving with a conventional razor.

If you or one of your fellow fight fans is a regular head shaver, you'll know there's more than just the leaves that are turning yellow this time of year. And that's because not even Michael Myers could wreak the kind of havoc that a traditional beard buster does when applied to the scalp.

Well, I'm here to offer the four most reassuring words in mixed martial arts history: Don't be scared, homie.

If you didn't know there was a hassle free way to shave your head without turning it into a kaleidoscope of scrapes and burns, then you better ask somebody. Or you can continue getting your girl's permission to shave with that pink razor she uses on her legs.

You know, the one with those gooey secretions that make your head look like a roll-on deodorant. That's a good look for a guy these days, right alongside the European shoulder bag and spandex gym shorts.

Personally, I prefer to leave no doubt in regards to my gender, which is why I finally wised up and took my plight to the experts at HeadBlade, who know a thing or two about the bald and the beautiful.

Like me.

HeadBlade razors are specifically designed for the scalp, including an adjustable finger ring and unique concave base that rolls or glides along your head with both precision and ease. No more giving my cranium sloppy seconds with a banged-up blade that just came from my face and neck.

I figure if HeadBlade is confident enough to use their product on a persnickety power puncher like UFC heavyweight contender Shane Carwin, then it's got to be good enough for a keyboard warrior like myself.

I'm just sorry I didn't start using it sooner.

Besides not having to Spackle my head with toilet paper after every shave, I can now fly through airport security as I jet off to MMA events using the HeadBlade Executive Sport Kit.

They even have you covered for Halloween.

Sooner or later that mask is coming off, and no matter how dimly lit the nightclub is during its masquerade ball, you can forget about any after-party tricks or treats if your dome is glazed over like an Easter ham.

No worries, one wipe with the HeadBlade HeadWipe and the runway is clear for takeoff. Of course you wouldn't be glowing like a ballpark floodlight if you had bothered to use HeadBlade's HeadLube Lotion Matte, which gives you the moisture without the shine.

Don't be a pumpkin head. Check out the HeadBlade inventory by clicking here and become a bona fide HeadBlader. The results are sweeter than a pillow case full of Halloween candy (minus the tooth decay).

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