Are you friends with any fighters on Facebook?




I've recently started adding fighters as friends on Facebook. Previously I thought their pages would be ran by interns or wives, but some of these guys provide amusing and informative glances at their lives and careers.


 Jorge Rivera is easily my favorite, he posted a video the other night which appeared to be him yelling at his 2 year old (im guessing) daughter in the back seat so that she wouldn't fall asleep, it was funny but borderline wierd and just worth watching, he then posted a video of a guy on stage humping a woman so hard that she fell into the crowd. He also quotes Rocky Balboa, I love this guy!


The baddest man on the planet had his shock and awe inspiring fruit sald video out on Facebook a full day before it made the rounds on the interwebs.



You can try and interpret Bruce Leroy.

Bruce Leeroy ‎"you will never be as beautiful as you are today"





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    • Fio Alvarez ty lol October 14 at 1:38am · LikeUnlike
    • Bruce Leeroy i like how you assume that the comment is for you though beautiful you are lol October 14 at 7:00am · LikeUnlike
    • Fio Alvarez haha i was jk.. heh October 14 at 8:45am · LikeUnlike
    • Spencer Paige and we will never be here again... October 14 at 10:08am · LikeUnlike
    • Bruce Leeroy Its why the gods envy us for the moments we have now are the most precious



I also recently added Gerald Harris, the steroid issue has become so bad that Gerald wanted to let us all know he's clean.

Gerald Harris I swear I have never ever used any form of PED's (Performance Enhancement Drugs) I just train very hard and I'm blessed. A lot of people are asking me & I don't mind. That's on my momma! Yall know black people dnt be lyin on moms! Ive only gained 15lbs since 1999 and 5lbs since 2004 college graduation! I've also passed every random blood/urine test. Around 10 of them.

I gotta say I beleive him. I never thought Chael would drop dirty after that Lance rant, so you never know, but I liked him coming forward. I know these guys arn't breaking news the way most seem to on twitter, but I hate twitter.


 I would also reccomend to stay away from Scott Jorgensen. I didn't understand a  lot of his updates, he was constantly posting, had his twitter linked to his facebook and I had to "hide" him.  A lot of the accounts don't seem very active, but I reccomend finding the fighters that are and adding them. The sport is still new relatively ignored by most sports media, it's nice to get a little more insight on the fighters we follow. (and I know follow is a twitter phrase).

So are you friends with any fighters on Facebook?

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