My UFC 120 thoughts!

Well, as most of you know i was in Rome trying to find a way to watch the event. Gotta love those pirated live streams. I dread the day that Dana whit wins the battle against pirated viewing, and you know its a battle that zuffa and its legal dream team will eventually win that fight. No pirated mma, means I would have missed the event!

Kong has solidified himself as the stupidest fighter in mma. As if most of us didnt know!

As Bispings longest tenured American fan, its great to see the brash brit finaly getting the credit he has deserved for a long time. Hate to see the Sexy Jap (no racial slur intended) lose, but someone had to! Bisping is a tough fight for most middleweights out there. Happy to see fellow americans finally showing him the respect he deserves.

I didnt think Condit would win, but I sure as hell respected him a lot more then my boy Hardy did. Condit looked extremely sharp! Condit is dumb enough to call out the winner of the sheilds fight, when Sheilds is alreday promised the title shot if he wins...Matchmaking I would like to see:

Condit vs. winner of paulo/Diego scrap

Hardy vs. the loser of the Diego fight!....which I suspect will be Diego, and I want to see if Hardy has learned to deal with a wrestler of Diegos caliber

Dont understand why Pyle didnt rip Hathaways shoulder off with a kimura when he had hin in the inverted mounted triangle...I hope a reporter asks him about it, cause Hathaways shoulder was ripe for the snatching!

SExyama needs to lose some of that muscle that is hindering his conditioning and cut down to welterweight because as tough and durable as he is...he did not look to be in the same weight class as Bisping!

The event featuered some decent action. Nothing too spectacular, but i havent watched the undercard fights yet!

Up next.....BRING ON, THE BROCKNESS MONSTER!!! Yeah, i coined that nickname!

Im about to launch a 1 man petition to bruce Buffer and Brock to just have him introduced as the Brockness Monster!

I cant wait much longer to see my dream fight of Cain vs. JDS! Down the line, it has to happen!

hope you enjoyed the event boys....Next week should be a good one!

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