Maniac QOTW - Special Section - 10/01/10


But wait...there's more!  


More goodies for you Maniacs...


1) Troll Danago vs. one of our top 5 funny Mania regulars, Mr. PW - President of the Brock Lesnar Pain Train :


Danago:Cain will end Brocks career and probably make Brock suicide. Simple as that, brocks getting it the hard way. He’s getting beat on 5 rds straight, cain will do what ever he wants with brock. – Watch it for yourself kids, I’m calling it right now. No way can brock keep up with Cain for 5rds. – The first few rds will simple be a matter of Cain moving around, playing it safe. Come the 3rd rd, thats when the beating comes. Brock can’t handle losing, but in this fight he’s getting fucked up for 5 rds. Cain will make brock his bitch no doubt. Ultimately, brock will commit suicide Monday morning.. You watch kids


P-Dub: In the event that you’re wrong, will you commit suicide on Monday morning? Or would that be unfair to all the super-elite fighters who would just be nightclub bouncers without your awesome training?


Danago: I’m never wrong, so don’t even go there home boy. In all my years of watching mma I’ve never, not once been wrong. I’m badass, been watching this sport from the very first day – watch every fight atleast twice. So yeah, back off me kid. I’m the boss


P-Dub: You called Toney over Couture. Any credibility you may have had went flying out the window with that crappy single leg that a 12-year-old with polio could have avoided. And since you personally trained Toney for that fight, I dare say you did not do a particularly good job.


Danago: That was just me pretending, it was a act. – i cashed in mills on that fight son, so gtfo. Actually, get off my site. – I can see what you’re goign to type before you have..So back off. I can look into your username, and find out where you live etc, everything. Just from that username. So gtfo my balls kid. Moving on


Danago: Get your ass over here son. Like i said, i have 55 street fights under my belt, 78 mma fights. Bring your ass down here, I have a beating waiting for everyone. The hell, you better bring a ref to, if not, I’ll get done for murder. I’ll lay your ass out




Danago: SAME, YEAH I TYPE IN CAPITALS BECAUSE I THINK ITS COOL, Kid. – That doesnt make you cool kid. You come in here with your capitals thinking you are some big shit. I know your game, gtfo with that. I’ve watched every fight in slow motion… braking every technique down, YOU AINT GOT ISH


P-Dub: Every battle technique, dating back to the naked oil wrestling of ancient Greece, the sneaky assassinations of the Ninjas, to modern boxing, Muay Thai, jiu jitsu and everything else has been personally witnessed by me! I have cataloged every conceivable skill and technique in the gigantic database known as my brain and trained my brain to store all of this information in frontal lobe, leaving it all available for immediate deployment at less than an instant’s notice. Even with all that, I may still simply decide to come to you like a spider monkey. You have nothing. Do you hear me? Nothing!!!!


Danago: You dip shit.. You dip shit.. I’m effin programmed.. I know to much, believe me. I can see into the future, i know every champion, i know who wins all the fights. – So i KNOW Cain will beat brock up, i know that.. So don’t come in here with that ish.. I started training at 2.. I’m a target to the UFC, you know that? You know i make 10mill per ufc event from events? – because I know all the winners. You know jack ish compared to me son, call me uo and we can fight.. I know all the matrix shit.. which you dumbass’s have no clue about..


P-Dub: If you can truly see into the future then tell us how far up your ass my foot will go. I have trained lethal kicks for 86 years in Mexico in the martial art of piedra-culo. And you know it’s the truth because how else would Mexico produce 84% of all NFL kickers?


Danago: I’m off now, to busy for this.I don’t have time to sit my ass down all day talking to dumb kids, who know nothing about my sport. – I actually have a life, I have money, i have bitches, i got it all

Our lives change like the weather, but a legend never dies.

by P-Dub on Sep 30, 2010 12:48 PM 








2) I'm calling it now: UFC 119 will be one of the best shows of the year.


 Hopefully this will go better than when I correctly predicted that the Faber/Aldo WEC car would be the most exciting PPV ever, and then got banned from BE because of it. Anyway here we go:   


  UFC 119 is being universally panned nearly everywhere from legit media to fans to blogging trolls (cough cough Luke Thomas cough cough), but I just dont see it. Sure this card doesn't have that huge headlining title fight but otherwise the card is stacked with exciting fights that are also very relevant. I actually can't remember a recent UFC card with so many relevant fights. Lets Take a look:

Melvin/Stephens- Great fight between 2 young gun slingers with loads of potential. Sure both have clear weaknesses but at the same time they are very young and have a lot of time to improve. The winner of this fight is still probably a few quality wins away from being considered in the title picture but as far as excitement goes this has fireworks written all over it. Two fast young LW strikers with KO power going at it sounds like a great way to start a PPV.

Serra/Lytle- Another fight that has a great chance of being a barn burner. The winner of this fight instantly jumps into the title picture for one final run at the belt. A win for Serra would surely move him past the novelty fights he has been taking and into fighting some serious contenders at 170. On the other hand a win for Lytle would give him a 4 fight win streak all in exciting fashion, surely leading the UFC to set him up with a top WW with a favorable stylistic match-up.

Dunham/Sherk- Former champ against young up and comer. The winner of this fight will most likely be 1 fight away from a title shot. Sure to be a fast paced exciting fight.

Nog/Bader- Another fight where the winner will be a fight away from a title shot. The winner of this will be getting the pleasure of fighting Jon Jones for #1 contendership. 

Mir/Cro Cop- Ok I will give you that this isnt really PPV headlining worthy but what most forget is that before Mir's last loss he was on his way to becoming a legit promotional superstar. This fight is a perfect stylistic matchup for excitement. While Mir is still not close to another title shot, I feel that with a win Cro Cop will be fast tracked for 1 last run. This is a fight I always wondered about back in the Pride/UFC days and I am happy I am finally getting to see it.

So in this main card alone you have 2 fights where the winners will get a #1 contender fight, 1 Welterweight gearing up for one last run to the top, a young exciting LW striker will emerge as a future contender, and a Pride/UFC battle that may be able to invoke a fair amount of nostalgia. Not to mention that the undercard may supply us with some exciting finishes, in my mind while not top heavy this card is a must buy and will pack more excitement than most other UFCs.





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