Should an interim title fight not involving Rodrigo Noguiera really be taking place?

Mir vs. Carwin is a very intruiging match up. But....

I just think that what Cawin and Mir have accomplished isnt more deserving Then what Nog has done, even if you just judge him only on his UFC career!

since entering the UFC, Nog has been more impressive then gets credit for!
-Take away 1 head kick and Nog dominated Herring with some really crisp boxing! Its very difficult to go 3-0 against a crafty guy like Herring. Im not so sure that Frank Mir could go 3-0 against Herring.
-Then came the Sylvia fight, which was a stylistic nightmare match up for Nog, and Nog came through in VINTAGE Nog fashion that made him the legend that he is today! Sylvia took that fight very serious cause he knew how prestigous getting a win against Nog is, and Nog did what he has always done...displayed the heart of a warrior, took a beating, waited for his opportunity and and ENDED the Fight! Honestly that was one of my favorite fights in Nogueira's entire career because it displayed what made Nog the legend that he is...his HEART! Most HW that I wont name, would have turtled up a long time ago...but he won that fight.
-He was at 50% against Mir in a fight that 90% of UFC fighters would have pulled out of, especially with the title on the line. Mistake!
-Then he put on a clinic in "Real TOP HW 101", showing Couture what a real top #2 LIfetime Heavyweight looks like. couture could only duck him for so long. he was able to evade him for almost a decade, but he couldnt run forever!

As old as Couture is, Im not so sure that he gets dominated today against Mir or Carwin!

I just think that that Nog should be fighting Mir or Carwin for the title!

Cain will be a tough fight that Nog can easily win, but it worries me that it is only a 15 minute fight! No UFC HW's will beat a healthy Nog in a 5 round fight!...Cain should consider himself lucky but Nog should still prevail.

Only notable wins that should factor in on determining interim title contestants:

Carwin: Gonzaga

Nogueira: Herring,sylvia,Couture

Mir: Brock, Nogueira, Kongo


Should an Interim title fight that doesn't involve Nogueira even be taking place?

Your thoughts? Sound off boys!

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