Ken Shamrock vs Seth Petruzelli set for IUF: 'The Return of Buluc' on March 6 in Cancun

In case any of you fight fans were wondering where "Buluc" was, he's apparently set to return on March 6 to the International Unlimited Fighting (IUF) organization on the same card that will feature Ken Shamrock taking on Seth Petruzelli in Cancun, Mexico.

Shamrock (27-13-2) hasn't been heard from since failing the world's most dangerous drug test back in early 2009. The UFC Hall of Famer was popped for anabolic steroids — Norandrosterone, Noretiocholanolone and Stanozolol following his first round armbar submission win over the late Ross Clifton at War Gods: "Valentine’s Eve Massacre" last February.

Shammy was fined $2,500 and suspended one year for the transgression.

The steroid bust marred the first win in four years for "The World’s Most Dangerous Man." In addition, it  threw a wrench into his planned fight against former WWE superstar turned MMA fighter, Bobby Lashley, in the Roy Jones Jr.-promoted hybrid MMA and boxing event "March Badness" from the Pensacola Civic Center in Pensacola.

It was yet another big money match down the tubes for the Lion's Den founder.

That's because Shamrock was supposed to collide with former YouTube brawler Kimbo Slice at Elite XC: "Heat" in October 2008. However, Shamrock pulled out of that scheduled match with Slice on fight night because of a cut sustained in warm-ups and has since been accused by younger brother Frank of cutting himself to get out of the fight.

To put it short, the first-ever King of Pancrase and UFC Superfight Champion is now nothing more than a punchline within the mixed martial arts community.

How fitting then, that his next opponent would be Seth Petruzelli (11-4). Since ending the charade known as Elite XC by knocking out promotion star Kimbo Slice with a fade-away marshmallow jab, "The Silverback" has only competed once, stopping a mediocre Chris Baten at Art of Fighting 4 this past August.

After leaving the Octagon following back-to-back losses to Matt Hamill and Wilson Gouveia, Petruzelli teased at a UFC return back in September before recently blowing up his Twitter account about a "huge fight contract."

I guess by "huge" he means fighting a geriatric steroid user in a country that doesn't provide drinkable tap water.

War Montezuma!

Petruzelli indicates that his fight with Shamrock will be available live via pay-per-view. As with any freak show (Sylvia vs. Mercer, Maynard vs. Fry) there are bound to be a percentage of fight fans willing to pay for the chance to see it.

If nothing else, Hoelzer Reich may have finally found two fighters desperate enough to accept their sponsorship.

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