Maniacs NFL Divisional Champioship Picks Round 2

 Tough week guys no one picked all four correct, so we go down to who had three of four and that left us with five for the divisional championship weekend. .

 Only two will advance to the Super Bowl picks week, so I'm adding a few tie breaking rules if necessary. Of coarse pick your teams as usual followed by the tie breaker picks.

Tie Breaker

1) Point Spread - State what you think each of your picks will win by, how far your scores off will go against you in the tie breaker on both games. Example I pick the Colts to win by 21 and they win by 14, I would receive 7 points against me and pick the Saints to win by 7, and they actually win by 10, 3 points against me for a total of 10. The lowest total on the tie breaker advance

2) Hopefully we don't need another tie breaker but just incase also pick the player you think will score the first TD in each game, it doesn't have to be a player on the team you picked to win.

  Even though I'm out I'll make my early predictions, of coarse anybody is welcome to make their predictions and opinions. And good luck to McArthur, Diceman, MMAChamp,GOLDIGGAH & Amos14.

      Vikes by  3 pts. first TD = M.Colston(Saints)

     Colts by 24 pts. first TD = D.Clark(Indy)


 Remember to get your picks in

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