McArthur's 2010 MMAMania Fight Pick'em Pool - StrikeForce Miami - Round 3

Alright, alright.  Sorry for the delay with this, but we've gotten busy at work and for whatever reason, my employer and staff can't seem to recognize the importance of this pool.  Haha..  Fuck'em...Anyways, I've decided to include only 3 fights from the SF card.  I'm not including the women's fight cause all I ever see is title fights which leads me to believe that, like me, many of you either don't care or don't follow women's MMA.    Walker and Lashley seem to have an opponent, and then they don't.  We as diehard MMA fans know exactly what's going on here.  SF needs to find viable opponents to which neither Walker or Lashley will lose too which in itself is dumb enough for me to exclude them from this round of play.  We'll pick a winner from each of the following fights.  And remember, once you've posted your picks, your done.  No changes. Also, for those of you who posts your picks after the fights have started...your SOL for obvious reasons.  No excuses.   I will be implementing a cut NEXT ROUND for UFC's 109 card and I will be basing the cut on our results from this week  so try not to fuck up or miss getting your picks in.   Thx and good luck maniacs!!!!






170 lbs.: Nick Diaz vs. Marius Zaromskis

185 lbs.: Melvin Manhoef vs. Robbie Lawler

170 lbs.: Jay Hieron vs. Joe Riggs

9  Tr8k

8  Chuntsman949

8  Synyster_08

8  eagzy

8  Kanadian

8  Lester The Pimp

7  P-Dub

7  Buster Bluth

7  DB22

7  SouthCaliStuNa

7  domino effect

7  mma guru

7  Amos14

7  jay

7  theCloser

7  Introvert

7  WallyBallz

7  Slim473

6  Cole

6  stinky~fingers

6  scott1

6  ppwwpp

6  Felix

6  MM_Eh

6  Diceman

6  Alpha Male

6  day1er

6  Puck Head

6  IrishKev

6  Dugout

6  sarah

6  Jake1977

6  Vulcano

6  GreenThumb

5  kevjack115

5  RoBerto

5  BNF

5  David W-S

5  Eduardo Cruz

5  Danza Macabra

5  RearNakedBloke

5  Carthur

5  brendog

5  bdw

5  c_ham

5  Wingblade

5  Captain Ernesto

5  Donna

5  frosnt1

5  Bigger Zino

5  enzo-enormous


5  Herk

4  McArthur

4  The Negation

4   D_Smith

4  d*locc

4  The real ZACK

4  ShowMeYourJits

4  Christian D

4  ItsNormalToSmokePot

4  thesickness

4  RiverHorror

4  Gambling Pat

4  ViolentMike

4  dazzlebreath

4  rmclimack


3  John G

3  sac165

3  Adam T

3  child

3  SweetsugarShaw

3  damon8881

3  ezubik

3  knowone

3  tkkpal

3  CanadianSensation

3  drob73

3  Spurs_MMA


2  NNR

2  AintNoSunshine


2  PSYQO78

2  DrunkinMidget187


2  HighNoon

2  Dakatak

1  Da Monkey

1  Calu

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