Varner falls short in return, but remains as classy as ever

Jamie Varner has never really been much of a fan favorite. His cocky attitude and antics throughout his WEC career have caused continuous alienation from WEC viewers and fans, something that did not change Sun. night.

Varner's scheduled five round championship bout with interim champion Benson Henderson began with some fireworks, as "C-4" looked to take out "Smooth" in the early going of the opening round. However, when that failed, the two spent the remainder of the first, the entirety of the second, and over 2:30 of the third round on the feet in what the Sacramento fans found to be a boring boxing match.

Yet the boos turn to cheers when Benson Henderson locked on a standing guillotine, causing Varner to tap out for only the second time in his career. 

Henderson, while excited with the victory, maintained the high level of class the fans and viewers on Versus are accustomed to. The same can not be said about Mr. Varner.

"He didn't want to box," stated Varner post-fight. "I came to fight, Ben came to grapple. Two different things."

Varner also stated that he was "winning the fight" and "had the control".

While the Arizona Combat Sports Member may have won the first round, both his opponent and he did very little in the second and third round, garnering boos from the fans the whole way.

Yet, regardless of whether he was "winning" or "controlling" the fight, the guillotine that force Varner to tap while standing made the judges' scorecards irrelevant. But, of course, that didn't stop the ever-classy Varner from running on and on about how he was winning the fight. 

However, regardless of what he says, Varner is now without a belt probably still baffled at why fans don't like him half as much as Benson Henderson or Donald "Cowboy" Cerrone. 

The plain fact of the matter is that fans enjoy a classy winner as much as a classy loser. Varner has never been much of either in his 19 fight career and displayed it once again Sun. night. 

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