Fighting Kimbo: MMAmania quick conversation with Houston Alexander

Houston Alexander

Just a few hours before the biggest fight of his career — against YouTube sensation-turned-The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) veteran, Kevin "Kimbo Slice" Ferguson — five-fight UFC veteran Houston Alexander invited one of’s very own into his corner for a few quick words.

MMAmania’s "Omaha" Mike McColgan got a chance to follow Alexander during the week, and despite the propensity for a knockout that both "The Assassin" and Slice bring with them into the cage, we saw our share of drilling submissions during training.

We’re not going to say which ones we saw … just that Eddie Bravo would be proud.

In between training sessions, Alexander talked about family (he’s a father of six), fighting Kimbo at a catchweight, and the progress he’s made since we last saw him in the UFC (he’s fresh off a victory over 25-fight veteran Sherman Pendergarst at Adrenaline MMA 4 in September).

Check it out:

Mike McColgan ( With the hand injury and you taking the Pendergarst fight in Omaha for Adrenaline, it’s been a while since your fans have seen you fight in the UFC. What should they expect to see tonight?

Houston Alexander: A more complete fighter, you’ll see the development. Some was good and there was some bad. I think that people will see the development and a more complete fighter this time.

Mike McColgan ( Ideally, how would you like to see this fight go?

Houston Alexander: Beat him by submission — that would shut up a lot of people. That would be so great. But the ideal would be to knock the guy out — no, not a knockout, but just make the guy quit. Yeah, make him quit.

Mike McColgan ( You guys are fighting at a 215 catchweight, correct?

Houston Alexander: Yeah, he (would be) moving down to 215, so I get to fight at my normal weight and he still has to cut.

Mike McColgan ( On a different note, with you trying to juggle your fight career, appearances, training and family, what would be the single biggest advice for other single fathers out there that you could give?

Houston Alexander: (laughing) Time management. Hold on for a second. (Houston takes a phone call from one of his children.)

Mike McColgan ( If your oldest son came to you and said he wanted to be a pro-fighter, what do you think you would say?

Houston Alexander: He wants to be a pro-wrestler now, so I think I’m gonna have to wait and see if he wants to be a pro-fighter.

Mike McColgan ( Getting through Kimbo, who would be your ideal pick for your next fight?

Houston Alexander: Anderson Silva, I would love to fight that dude. Everybody is so scared of him. Everyone is so scared of Anderson because of all his different weapons. But I’m scared of no man. That would be a great fight. What better way to test yourself than fight the best in the world.

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