FanPost Exclusive: Douglas Lima

All of the interviews I am posting are participating in the Sin City Fight Club: Redline Middleweight tournament where the winner will recive over $12,000. Most of the participants are not from Georgia, Sin City Fight Club has reached out to some of the local talent in the country to bring them to this tournament. With the first round complete these are the Middleweights that are left. After tonight there will only be two left and the finals are set for January 16. I conducted this interview with Douglas Lima, who trains in Atlanta. He is a serious prospect and after this tournament expect him to be in Strikeforce and possibly the UFC. Lima usually fights at 170 pounds, but for this tournament he is moving up in weight to grab the attention of larger promotions. He lived in Brazil until he was 11 and moved to the United States and started training. Without further ado here is my interview.


Erich: You had an amazing fight with Eddie Hernandez, he fought you with every fiber in his body and you controled the whole way. Talk a little bit about that fight.

Lima: It was good, I had fun the guy was talking a lot smack before hand and it gave me a lot of motovation to fight him.

Erich: You had a fight scheduled with the WEC, what happened? And what would it mean to you to get another shot with Zuffa?

Lima: It would mean a lot to go there, because at the time I had some immigration problems so I could not fight. Now that I have everything fixed they do not have the weight classes anymore. After this tournament I am going to talk to the UFC and see what is up, I have some good managers American Top Team Atlanta and we will see where I go from there.

Erich: How do you feel about being one of the top young prostpects coming out of the Southeast?

Lima: (Smiles) Well, it feels good man. I don't consider myself at the top there but if you would like to give that title to me I am fine with that. It feels good to have people thinking so highly of you like that.

Erich: How do you see Raphael Assuncao vs Urijah Faber fight going?

Lima: It's going to be good, everyone is going to see his true potential. Everyone that trains with him sees that and fighting Faber the whole world will see it. Rafael is going to upset Faber, it's going to be a good fight the kid is ready and able to win. He's got heavy hands, very strong wrestler it's going to be a good fight.

Erich: Talk about your trianing partners.

Lima: Of course the Assuncao brothers, my brother, Roan Carneiro, Mark Selbee, and Roberto Traven. Theirs a lot of fighters i train with, a lot of high level training partners that push me. The camp was good for this tournament.

Read the rest of the interview here

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