Travis Fulton, Jason Lambert and Matt Horwich headline 'Aggression MMA' on Oct. 24

Aggression MMA

Edmonton, AB – Widely considered the epicenter for mixed martial arts in Canada with no less than six promotions originating from the prairie province, Alberta will add yet another marquee organization to its burgeoning list when Aggression MMA touches down at the Agricom in Edmonton on October 24.

Aggression will hit the ground running with its inaugural show which will feature a cast of former UFC fighters including Jason Lambert, Matt Horwich, Xavier Foupa-Pokam (Professor X), Travis "The Ironman" Fulton, Doug Evans, and Jason "Bonecracker" Fairn, as well as well known fighters such as Cyrille "The Snake" Diabate, Nick Denis, and Nick Ring.

Also on the card will be MuchMusic personality and rocker-turned-mixed-martial-artist Robin Black. Having won the Elite 1 bantamweight title in July, Black will be looking to raise his record above .500 when he faces one of his toughest challenges to date in scrappy local fighter Corey Lautischer.

Please find the latest fight card for the event below:

October 24, 2009
Edmonton Events Expo (Formerly Northlands Agricom)
Edmonton, Alberta


Jason Lambert (23-10) vs. Matt Horwich (23-13-1)

Nick Denis (7-1) vs Phil Harris (16-9)

Marcelo Giudici (8-2) vs. Doug Evans (8-5)

Nick Ring (9-0) vs. Yannick Galipeau (2-2)

Cyrille "Snake" Diabate (14-6-1) vs. Marcus Hicks (9-16)

Len Bentley (6-3) vs. Kurt Southern (6-1)

"Professor X" - Xavier Foupa-Pokam vs. Chester Post (6-17-1)

Travis Fulton (191-45-11) vs. Jason Fairn (3-4)

Robin Black (2-2) vs. Corey Lautischer (1-1)

Adam Lorenz (6-1) vs. Rolando Perez (5-3-1)

Lenny Wheeler (2-0) vs. Amir Uddin (0-1)

Tony Bibby (3-2) vs. Corey Knapp (3-10)

James Petryk (0-0) vs. Josten Tardif (0-1)

Ivan Lepki (0-0) vs. Sean Carr (0-0)


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