Potty all the time: Alistair Overeem clowns rent-a-cops over greedy bathroom attendant

Current Strikeforce heavyweight champion Alistair Overeem was expected to defend his title for the first time since obliterating Paul Buentello way back in November of 2007.

His undefeated challenger, Brett Rogers, was coming off a thrashing of "Abongo" Humphries at "Shamrock vs. Diaz" on April 11. He was ready to test himself against the menacing Overeem, and both fans and media considered it a done deal.

Then nothing happened.

No official announcement, no press conference, just silence.

Then the reason giving for "Demolition Man" being absent from the Showtime card was because he suffered a hand injury during training and was unable to be ready in time for June 6.

Well turns out there’s more to the story then that, according to Fighter's Only Magazine.

He did injure his hand, but this was no training mishap. Golden Glory manager Bas Boon recently updated on the events that transpired.

According to him …

"Alistair attended some famous dance club with his brother Valentijn. Went to the toilet and did not have coins to pay the toilet woman. Alistair told her he would pay a euro when he came back, because he did not have change. Then the security guard who was near by started to get involved. Valentijn saw the incident and also started asking what the problem was. They offered to pay, but by then 6 security guards came over surrounding them. The Overeem brothers were asked to leave, Alistair was already outside when he saw his brother Valentijn fighting. Valentijn still was discussing the situation on his way outside with one of the security guards hit Valentijn in the face with a flash light. Three security guards dived onto Valentijn and brother Alistair wanted to go back inside to help his brother. This resulted in five security guards in the hospital."

Overeem would also pay a visit to the emergency room though only for a small but painful cut he had received on his hand during the altercation, however not without the insistence of those around him.

"It was only because of the management pushing him to go to the hospital that he saved his hand. When he finally got his injury checked, he was advised to stay a few days in the hospital. They told him if he would have come any later he would have lost his hand."

And now you know.

Hopefully Overeem can heal quickly and while he’s at it, also stay out of trouble so we can see the Dutch bruiser finally defend his Strikeforce heavyweight title soon.

Against who? That still remains an open question. Andrei Arlovski, Brett Rogers or even Fabricio Werdum? They’ll be someone waiting in the wings to give Overeem a run for his money once he’s back to full fitness.

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