Sengoku 'Eighth Battle' results and quick recap

World Victory Road presented their latest Sengoku event earlier this morning as 'Eighth Battle,' featuring the quarterfinals of their featherweight grand prix, went down at the National Yoyogi Stadium in Tokyo, Japan.

The event got off to an unfortunate start when Maximo Blanco had his fight all but finished when he landed a right hook that would drop Mauri to floor, and with a prone opponent ready for the taking Blanco made the mistake of illegally viciously soccer kicking Mauri in the face leaving him out cold. Blanco was disqualified for his actions and Mauri was given the win.

The bad luck would continue in the next bout when Stanislav Nedkov would land mutiple "accidental" knees to Travis Wiuff --halting the fight so Wiuff could recoup. Nedkov was handed a red card for his actions which equates to a point reduction.

And then it would happen once again and Stanislav was handed a second red card and point deduction. With that looming, a decision wasn't likely to go in his favor and he was able to drop Wiuff in the third and reign down some punishment on route to a TKO victory. He also seemed rather exhausted in his post fight speech which he needed to sit down for.

Japanese judo gold medalist Makoto Takimoto got back to winning ways when he made short work of Brazilian muay thai stylist Michael Costa, finishing him off with a slick heel hook three minutes into the very first round.

Takimoto stated that if he had lost the bout, he would have contemplated retirement, but won't have to now that he earned the "W."

Featherweight King of Pancrase Marlon Sandro shockingly defeated Nick Denis at his own game (the stand up) by knocking "The Ninja of Love" out with a well placed uppercut and continued the punishment on the floor, forcing the referee to intervene and halt the bout only 19 seconds into the opening stanza.

Masanori Kanehara was able to edge out a decision over "The Korean Zombie" Chan Sung Jung in what was a compelling back and forth showdown.

Judoka Michihiro Omigawa once again was able to pull off the upset just like he did in his previous bout against L.C. Davis at Sengoku ‘Seventh Battle' last March.

This time Nam Phan would be his victim, in a fight that saw Omigawa land some nice takedowns and trips while controlling Phan on the ground. Phan was hurt and in trouble courtesy of some big blows from Omigawa and the referee stopped it mere seconds away from Phan being saved by the bell. A debatable stoppage but Omigawa was impressive throughout the fight none the less.

And tournament favorite and promotion poster boy Hatsu Hioki advanced to the semifinal stages with a submission victory over formidable grappler Ronnie Mann.

Here are the official results for Sengoku ‘Eighth Battle':

Featherweight GP Quarterfinals:
Hatsu Hioki (19-3-2) defeated Ronnie Mann (17-2-1) by triangle choke (3:09-R1)
Michihiro Omigawa (6-7-1) defeated Nam Phan (15-6) by TKO (4:52-R1)
Masanori Kanehara (13-5-5) defeated Chan Sung Jung (6-1) via unanimous decision
Marlon Sandro (14-0) defeated Nick Denis (7-1) by KO (0:19-R1)

Non-tournament bouts:
Kazunori Yokota (9-2-3) defeated Leonardo Santos (6-3) via split decision
Alexandre Ribeiro (2-0) defeated Keiichiro Yamamiya (34-24-9) by TKO (0:51-R3)
Makoto Takimoto (5-5) defeated Michael Costa (9-5) by heel hook (3:31-R1)
Stanislav Nedkov (6-0) defeated Travis Wiuff (54-13) by TKO (0:42-R3)
Akihiko Mori (7-6-1) defeated Maximo Blanco (2-2-1) by disqualification (4:20-R1)

Preliminary Card:
Shigeki Osawa (2-0) defeated Kota Ishibashi (0-4) via unanimous decision
Hirotoshi Sato (3-1-1) vs. Yoshitaka Abe (2-3-1) by armbar (2:52-R1)

For fans in the North America you'll be able to catch the replay of Sengoku "Eighth Battle" later tonight at 9:00pm ET on HDNet.

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