UFC Fight Night 17 results and LIVE fight coverage Feb. 7

UFC Fight Night 17: "Lauzon vs. Stephens" is set to go off LIVE tonight (Feb. 7) from the University of South Florida (USF) Sun Dome in Tampa, Florida.

MMAmania.com will provide LIVE blow-by-blow, round-by-round coverage of the two-hour special, beginning with the 9 p.m. ET Spike TV telecast. In addition, we will deliver up-to-the-minute quick results of the under card action at around 7:30 p.m. ET.

Many of our readers check-in before, during and after the broadcast to share their thoughts on the action. Keep in mind that we will also be the spot for the latest news, recaps and post-fight analysis after "Lauzon vs. Stephens."

Without further delay, see below for the latest UFC Fight Night 17 results. (Note: This will go from the bottom up; therefore, scroll toward the bottom for the latest detailed round-by-round action!)


Joe Lauzon defeats Jeremy Stephens via Submission (Arm Bar) Round 2
Cain Velasquez defeats Denis Stojnic via TKO (Strikes) Round 2
Josh Neer defeats Mac Danzig via Submission (Triangle Choke) Round 2
Anthony Johnson defeats Luigi Fioravanti via TKO (Strikes) Round 1
Kurt Pellegrino defeats Rob Emerson via submission (rear naked choke) in round two
Dan Miller defeats Jake Rosholt via submission (guillotine choke) in round one
Matt Veach defeats Matt Grice via technical knockout (strikes) in round one
Gleison Tibau defeats Rich Clementi via submission (guillotine choke) in round one
Nick Catone defeats Derek Downey via submission (keylock) in round two
Matt Riddle defeats Steve Bruno via unanimous decision

Druby here looking forward to what we can only hope will be an action packed card. Sit back and enjoy maniacs, Fight Nights always seem to come through with wall to wall action.

Joe Lauzon vs. Jeremy Stephens (155-pound limit)

Round one: Stephens with a wild right. Lauzon drops down to shoot and is stuffed Stephens now on top looking to hold him down. Lauzon with butterfly guard. Back to the feet now their up against the fence. Knee to the head from Stephens from the body clinch. Lauzon drops down for a leg lock and he doesnt get it and now Stephens slips out and Lauzon with a vicious take down. Lauzon with some big elbows from the full guard. Lauzon improves to half guard now. Lauzon now to full mount and Stephens slips out but Lauzon is now going for an arm bar. Lauzon trying to straighten him out, and Stephens slips out. Stephens postures up and hes throwing BOMBS he lands some wild rights on Lauzon. Lauzon trying to walk his back up the cage. Big slam from Stephens but Lauzon is going for a guillotine and Stephens slips out. Thats the bell great 1st round, id give it to Lauzon for the submission attempts but Stephens made it a really close round.

Round two: Stephens comes out trhowing BOMBS. Lauzon answers with some counter punches and Lauzon gets a take down with a fire mans carry. Lauzon is showing amazing grappling skills. Hes now on top in half guard and looking to improve. Lauzon now in side control. Elbows from Lauzon. Lauzon now into full mount. Lauzon now has the back and he has gotten both hooks in. hes looking for a choke. Stephens now reverses position and now hes on top in full guard! Elbow from Stephens and some big punches to the body. Lauzon is cut open big time on his head. But now Lauzon once again reverses positions and now hes back on top in side control. Lauzon right into full mount and then he goes right for an arm bar and thats it!!!! WOW what an amazing arm bar by Joe Lauzon. He showed some absolutely amazing ju jitsu skills.

Round three:

Final result: Joe Lauzon defeats Jeremy Stephens via Submission (Arm Bar) Round 2


Cain Velasquez vs. Denis Stojnic (265-pound limit)

Round one: Velasquez with a good jab then leg kick. Denis with a good jab of his own. Both guys are swinging for the fences. Velasaquez with some knees to the body. Clinched up against the fence and Velasquez with some knees to the thigh and their vicious. They are off the cage and Cain with a head kick. Velasquez goes for a take down and now in the clinch and hes landing some HUGE knees. Jab from Cain. Cain from the clinch and he lands 4 unanswered knees to the skull!!! Cain pushing an amazing pace for a heavyweight. Velasquez with a combo and two more knees to the head. Stojnic with a good right then front kick. Cain with a solid right, and some body shots. Velasquez with some more body shots and another two knees to the head. Up against the fence and Velasquez with knees to the thighs. Leg kick from Cain. Inside leg kick. Big right hand from Velasquez. Head kick from Cain. Vicious leg kicks from Cain. Body kick from Cain. Leg kick, and thats the bell. Cain Velasquez is dominating this fight with an amazing variety of stand up skills. Give Stojnic credit for taking a beating and still standing and trading but a KO by Velasquez seems to be only a matter of time at this pt.

Round two: Leg kick from Cain. Velasquez still moving around with a good pace. Vicious body kick and then a HUGE flurry to the body from Cain and a big overhand right. Cain now has him on the ground. Right into side control. Cain has Stojnic arm pinned and hes landing some serious elbows. Stojnic gives up his back and Cain is pounding away on his head. Stojnic is bleeding now. Hammer fists from Cain. Stojnic is just covering up and the ref has to stop it. An uninspiring stoppage, but Stojnic was doing nothing for 30 plus seconds and at this point he was left with no choice but to stop the fight. A dominant performance by Velasquez and although the finish to the fight wasnt spectacular it is very obvious that Cain Velasquez is a serious up and coming contender in the heavyweight division. I would love to see him take a step up in competition in his next fight. Great showing by Velasquez.

Round three:

Final result: Cain Velasquez defeats Denis Stojnic via TKO (Strikes) Round 2


Mac Danzig vs. Josh Neer (155-pound limit)

Round one: Big head kick from Danzig but Neer lands a big right and a couple more. Neer landing some great shots there. A couple good body shots from Neer. Leg kick from Neer, and Neer is now showboating and showing off waving his hands around in a taunting fashion. Danzig with a left and jab. Body shot from Danzig. Neer looking for some elbows while up against the fence. Danzig putting weight on Neer against the fence and Neer looking for the clinch. Neer has a cut over his left eye. Jab from Danzig lands flush. Neer goes for a big right and now their up against the fence again. Leg kick from Danzig. Danzig lands a HUGE right hand that puts Neer right onto his back. Danzig pounces looking to close it out but Neer does a good job of tying him up and is now going for a triangle. Neer almost gets it but Danzig is out and now their back to the feet and Neer lands a good body kick. Neer with a big right and now hes showing off again and its visibly upsetting Danzig. Nice right from Danzig. Thats the round, what a awesome round. Amazing action this one is too close to call but id give it to Neer slightly for doing more damage.

Round two: Neer refuses to touch gloves. Jab from Danzig. Danzig looks to shoot and Neer stuffs it and is on top now. Neer with 3-4 unanswered vicious elbows!!! WOW!!! Neer now working some serious ground and pound with hammer fists and rights. Neer is pounding away with more vicious elbows. Danzig is obviously flustered and hes having problems. Neer has his back but Danzig throws him off for being to high on the body and now Danzig is on top in half guard. Danzig now looking to work some ground and pound. Neer to full guard. Danzig looking to work some more ground and pound but Neer is tying him up much better than Danzig did on the bottom. Neer looking for a triangle again!!! HES GOT IT LOCKED IN TIGHT!!!! Danzig taps out!!!! Josh Neer wins it!!! WOW, An amazing win from Neer. He looked impressive.

Round three:

Final result: Josh Neer defeats Mac Danzig via Submission (Triangle Choke) Round 2


Anthony Johnson vs. Luigi Fioravanti (170-pound limit)

Round one: Both guys feeling each other out to start. Luigi goes for an overhand right and just misses. Johnson has an obvious reach advantage. Inside leg kick with force from Johnson. Luigi ducking low looking to fight from the inside. Jab from Johnson. Luigi with good movement giving Johnson alot of different looks. Good outside leg kick from Johnson. Nice head kick from Johnson. Inside leg kick from Johnson. Luigi just misses a HUGE overhand right. Another sick leg kick from Johnson. Another leg kick snaps off from Johnson. BIG leg kick from Johnson and then a straight right. Luigi lands a solid left. Luigi shoots for a take down but Johnson stuffs it. Luigi with a low blow unintentional but the ref wisely stops it. Leg kick again from Johnson. Luigi still working to get inside. Now both guys are throwing bombs but none connecting. Johnson with a BIG right and Luigi is rocked!!! Johnson charges in and is looking to stop it and he keeps pounding with hammer fists. Thats it Johnson with another impressive victory. He looked dominant and with vicious leg kicks he bought some time and found a rhythm that allowed him to finish the fight with a huge right and vicious ground and pound. Great win for Rumble Johnson.

Round two:
Round three:

Final result: Anthony Johnson defeats Luigi Fioravanti via TKO (Strikes) Round 1


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