Antonio Silva files a civil action against the CSAC

On January 7, 2009, the first and only man to hold the Elite XC heavyweight title, Antonio "Bigfoot" Silva (12-1), filed a civil action against the California State Athletic Commission (CSAC) in Los Angeles, California according to

Silva is seeking a ruling from the court in hopes that he can override the CSAC’s decision to suspend the fighter for his alleged steroid use and possibly allow Silva yet another hearing to once again try and prove his innocence.

Bigfoot was suspended by the CSAC for a full year in July following his championship winning performance at Elite XC: "Unfinished Business" because he tested positive for the banned steroid Boldenone - an anabolic steroid developed for veterinary use.

The Brazilian giant defied that ruling by taking a fight with Sengoku earlier this month due to financial difficulties. Rulings from athletic commissions in the United States aren't recognized in Japan, and according to Silva's manager Alex Davis his fighter couldn't afford to sit out for a year.

Here's a snip:

"We would have much rather not fought in Japan, but Antonio has medical expenses that he just can’t go without shouldering because of his health. He has to spend a lot of money on medicine every month."

Bigfoot has maintained his innocence throughout this entire ordeal. In fact, he's the first fighter to take legal action against a ruling from the CSAC.

From Silva:

"I could have waited for the suspension to expire but I'm not guilty. I am sure I will be the first professional mixed martial artist to prove my innocence in a doping accusation."

Silva's license to fight in the United States could potentially be revoked at a hearing on February 10 because he violated one of the state's Business and Professions codes when he smashed Yoshihiro Nakao at Sengoku 'No Ran 2009' on January 4.

The law prohibits a boxer or martial arts fighter under suspension by the commission (or any other recognized commission) to participate in a contest with the punishment being total revocation of his or her license.

In addition, team members and trainers who worked his corner in Japan will be dealt with as accomplices and could be punished as well.

Silva's attorney is currently working to postpone the February 10 hearing pending the outcome of the recent civil action.

And the saga continues.

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