Carlos Condit vs Brock Larson 2 WEC fight in March likely

Carlos Condit

"I’m the real deal and I’m ready for Condit. I’m ready for it, so it’s just a matter of getting (Condit) to agree, but (the WEC) definitely wants it to happen. It’s up to Condit’s camp to figure out what it wants. I’d like to fight as often as possible, but the way it’s looking, this is the fight I want to wait for. I don’t want to risk anything like I did before fighting Condit the first time. I was supposed to fight him when I fought Kevin Knabjan two months before, and I think I peaked too early for that. It’s hard to peak twice in two months, so if it comes out that way, that’s the way I’m going to have to take it."

Those words came from WEC welterweight contender Brock Larson (24-2) just hours after his first round drubbing of Carlo Prater more five months ago at WEC 35. Since that time he's stayed true to his word and has quietly waited for his rematch with division champ Carlos Condit to come to fruition.

Apparently, his patience is about to pay off.

The word on the street is that "The Natural Born Killer" will defend his title next on a WEC event in March against Larson. The two standout fighters first threw down at WEC 29 in August of 2007 with Condit securing an fight-ending armbar near the halfway point in round one.

The loss was only the second of Larson's so far stellar career. His first setback came by unanimous decision at the hands of Jon Fitch back in 2005 at Ultimate Fight Night 2. On the other side of that coin, his hit list includes names like Prater, Shannon Ritch, Erik "Bad" Apple, John Allessio, Ryan Jensen, Keita Nakamura and others.

Of his 24 wins, only two of those have gone to decision, while 16 of his opponents have been forced to tap out. He knows how to finish fights. Carlos Condit definitely has his hands full, regardless of what happened in their first fight.

Here's the champ's thoughts on potentially facing Larson for a second time via a recent interview:

"It’s not ideal, because I have everything to lose, and he has everything to gain. The pool of contenders is a bit shallow. There’s not a whole lot of guys for me to fight. He’s a very tough guy, and just because I beat him before doesn’t mean anything. I’m going to have to be on my toes. I’m very motivated to fight him, and I’m looking forward to a very tough training camp."

Condit's last fight also came on the WEC 35 card in August. He successfully defended his title with a fourth round technical knockout win over Hiromitsu Miura in what is considered to be one of the best fights of 2008.

Larson trains with one of the real up-and-coming camps in the United States these days in Minnesota Martial Arts Academy. He gets day-to-day training with some of the top wrestlers in the sport and works with a team that is known for producing fighters with great cardio.

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that Condit was running out of gas late in that Miura fight. If Larson can avoid any early mistakes this time around, he may just have the stamina, strength and ability to become the next WEC welterweight champion.

We'll find out in March ... maybe.

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