Versus to air 'Fight of the Year' candidate between Donald Cerrone and Rob McCullough Dec. 28

Rob McCullough vs Donald Cerrone
Donald "Cowboy" Cerrone and former WEC lightweight champion "Razor" Rob McCullough engaged in an all-out war at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Hollywood, Florida on the November 5 WEC 36: "Faber vs. Brown" card.

While the people in attendance that night are well aware of the fireworks that took place in the cage between these two, there are still millions of fans around the globe who have yet to see what went down because the bout was controversially absent from the live telecast on the Versus.

Until now.

Fans will finally get a chance to see the action unfold when this hard fought, back-and-forth brawl is included in a special being put on by the promotion titled, "WEC Best of 2008," which is set to air on Sunday, December 28 at 9 p.m. ET on the Versus network.

Today the two 155-pound fighters took part in a live question and answer session sponsored by the people at Versus to talk about the memorable match, as well as what the future holds for these two fast rising WEC stars.

Here's a snip from "Cowboy" on the fight:

"The fight, it was great. I had a gameplan to follow, but as soon as Rob hit me...I came in with a switch hook and he blasted me with a right hand and every gameplan I had went out the window and I was jut like let's do this. For me it was good to go three rounds with him and just brawl. That's one of my favorite fights I've ever been in. Like I said my gameplan went completely out the window and we just brawled, it was awesome. It's gonna be a great fight to watch, I'm excited to see it."

And McCullough added this:

"It was a complete war. I prepared for a war and that's what it was. It was pretty blood and most of the blood was mine, but it was fun. If you fight for a living that's what you got to do, you know, sometimes that happens. Donald came in with an unbeaten record and he left with one. The guy's tough. I've got to give props to him. It was definitely action packed. Come the 28th you guys are gonna have to check it out on Versus, it was pretty intense."

With the victory over the ex-champ Cerrone has earned himself a shot at division kingpin Jamie Varner at next month's WEC 38: "Varner vs. Cerrone" event. It's worth noting that the match up will get top billing over a rematch from one of the biggest fights in the history of the organizations between Urijah "The California Kid" Faber and Jens "Little Evil" Pulver at WEC 34 in June.

Here are his thoughts on that fight:

"Jamie's gonna want to I think take me down and use his wrestling. He's gonna watch this tape and see me with my hands down and think he's gonna be able to hit me with the overhand, but I'm gonna work on being more evasive and using my reach for Jamie as well. But if he wants to stand and get it, I'm ready for that too."

Next up for McCullough is a fight in March against former number one contender Marcus Hicks. "Razor" Rob confirmed the match up during the conference call, but said the details were still being worked out. He's also apparently found a new place to train at for this fight.

Here's a snip:

"My next victim is gonna be Marcus Hicks in March. I don't know where the venue is at yet, but that's what they told me. He's a worthy opponent. We don't have any pushovers in the WEC so I'm ready, I'm ready to go to war. As far as switching stuff up, I've been talking to Shawn Tompkins and it looks like I'm going to be going to Xtreme Couture to train with Shawn Tompkins for the fight."

McCullough and Cerrone joked around during the call like they were long time friends, but in reality have only known each other since the December 3 showdown. The two even joked around about pushing the WEC powers that be to make a rematch happen sometime down the line.

Hopefully, that becomes a reality sooner than later. Check out the replay of the fight on December 28 ... you won't be disappointed.

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