Shooto 'Gig North Volume 3' results & quick recap

Shooto hosted volume three of their 'Gig North' series of mixed martial arts events earlier yesterday morning at Zepp Sapporo in Hokkaido, Japan.

Not many big names on this event but remember the word "Shooto" translates to "learn combat" and the organization is a breeding ground for many up and coming fighters. Superstars and headliners such as Takanori Gomi, Hayato Sakurai and Yoshiyuki "Zenko" Yoshida all kick started their careers in Shooto.

Shooto veteran Junji Ikoma battled it out with Paraestra Sapporo's Takuya Mori in a fight that went the distance. Mori was behind on points and was headed to decision loss when luckily (or maybe not so luckily) he was on the receiving end of a inadvertent low blow by Ikoma. This caused the ref to deduct one point from Ikoma and when the fight was said and done the judges ruled it a draw.

There were also a lot of decision wins on this event with five of the eight bouts going to the scorecards - one of which saw Junpei Chikano break out and getting his first ever win after previously losing three in a row. His opponent Yoshiki Noguchi was not as fortunate and now stands at a very dire 0-4. Perhaps he can still turn things around but for now it’s not looking so good.

The event also featured a couple of nice submission wins. The first came from Tatsuya Yamamoto when he was able to finish off Kazuyuki Yoshida with a rear naked choke in round two, taking his record to an even 2-2.

The second slick submission came courtesy of newcomer Takashi Nikuni. He locked in an armbar in the second round on the also debuting Toshiaki Hayasaka.

Here are the official Shooto ‘Gig North Vol: 3’ results:

Junji Ikoma (11-9-4) fought Takuya Mori (5-3-1) to a draw
Tatsuya Yamamoto (2-2) defeated Kazuyuki Yoshida (0-2) via rear naked choke (2:09-R2)
Taro Kusano (1-2-1) defeated Hidekazu Asakura (1-5) by unanimous decision
Tsuneo Kimura (2-1) defeated Michiyuki Ishibashi (1-5-1) by unanimous decision
Junpei Chikano (1-3) defeated Yoshiki Noguchi (0-4) by unanimous decision
Atsushi Mochizuki (1-1) defeated Takeshi Sato (0-2) by unanimous decision
Takashi Nikuni (1-0) defeated Toshiaki Hayasaka (0-1) via armbar (4:03-R2)

For more on Shooto click here .

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