KJ Noons responds to Elite XC and Nick Diaz situation

Kj Noons
Elite XC Lightweight Champion KJ Noons today responded to the recent allegations that he is ducking a rematch with Nick Diaz in an email to BloodyElbow.com and several other outlets. In the long email, the champ gives his side of the story and goes into detail about the behind the scenes stuff that is keeping the fight from happening.

For the most part, Noons' problem lies with Elite XC and its parent company Pro Elite rather than Nick Diaz. However, KJ does state more than once in the email that there is no love lost for the Cesar Gracie black belt and he's still clinging to his belief that Diaz is not the number one contender.

In fact, the champ believes Philadelphia native Eddie Alvarez has instead earned that spot.

Regardless, he maintains that he is not in a position to choose his opponent and said he will fight Diaz as long as the compensation is fair.

If you recall an interview with us here at MMAmania.com before his title defense against Yves Edwards in June, Noons stated that he his contract called for him to defend his title two more times this year after a successful defense against Yves.

The champ stated that Elite XC has not made good on that contract because it will only let him fight if he signs a new long-term contract. Noons give specific examples of how the company has not treated him well enough for him to want to sign a long-term contract at this time.

Here's a snip:

"Consider when Elite XC gives a couple thousand tickets away at their CBS show in Stockton. Elite XC gives me a hard time about comping me one extra ticket for my cousin that helped me train for my fight. I only get four tickets per show. I am the main event in Honolulu, my home town! I did not ask for any tickets for my family and friends and they gave me a hard time about one extra ticket! Or how about when Elite XC brought Diaz into the ring after my last victory in Hawaii to disrespect me and my family."

He also says the Elite XC has breached his contract on more than one occasion. Here's another snip:

"$kala (Jared Shaw) disclosed how much I make, which breached the confidentiality clause of the contract. How about when Elite XC honored the contract and my pay to fight Edson Berto went down after I lost my first fight. That was not part of my contract. Or how about the contract Gary Shaw breached by not promoting my boxing career? Gary Shaw only gave me one out of four of the agreed upon fights. I have not boxed for over a year. When I signed with Elite XC, I was promised they would promote both my boxing and MMA careers. I could have signed with another MMA only company, but I wanted to box too. Elite XC doesn't give me fights or promote me, they ice me. Gary Shaw Productions only gave me one of the agreed upon four fights per the boxing contract."

The champ also breaks down why he's fed up with Elite XC financially right here:

"I am the defending world champ, I have been the main event for Elite XC three out of four times on Showtime. In almost two years I have made approximately $83,000? After paying my trainers and managers fee, I have $50,000 thousand. After taxes, probably 30 grand. Divide that by two years for $15,000 thousand a year. Divide by 52 weeks that amounts to approximately $300 a week. I do not know anybody that can survive on that amount of money. My buddies make more money than that in a couple days being a bus boy or bar back. But the straw that broke the camel's back is they want me to fight Diaz for the second time. Diaz is not the number one contender and they are paying Diaz three times more money than me. Diaz complained after the Stockton fight, he was not paid enough. How do you think that made me feel?"

That certainly doesn't sound like any way for a promotion to treat their champion. There's more to the long email, but you get the point. He goes on to say he feels that Elite XC is mistreating him because he ruined its plans to have Nick Diaz as the champ.

It's easy as a fan to get worked up because we're not seeing the fight we want to see, but there is obviously a lot more going on behind the scenes than most of us realize. He does, however, state that the Diaz fight will eventually happen, but does not say when.

He also says for now that he's going to focus on his boxing career:

"I can make more money doing 6 and 8 rounders every other month and make more than I did being the Elite XC defending world champ. At least I will be able to sleep at night and be able to look myself in the mirror everyday. That right there is worth more than $300 bucks a week or fighting a guy I cannot stand for less money than him the second time around."

Let's hope Elite XC and Noons can come to an understanding and get this fight on the air. After all, this back and forth between the two sides, this fight has more hype behind it than anything involving Kimbo Slice, including a showdown with Brett Rogers.

For a company with seemingly everything on the line over the next few months the timing of all this either couldn't be better or couldn't be worse. I guess time will tell, but for now the saga continues.

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