Gina Carano vs Kelly Kobald Elite XC fight possible October 4

Gina Carano elitexc cbs
For those who are anticipating one of the most exciting female mixed martial arts fights ever between Gina Carano and Cristiane Cyborg, you'll have to wait.

Despite Cyborg's impressive performance against Shayna Baszler at last Saturday's Elite XC: "Unfinished Business" event, the promotion has apparently decided on a different opponent -- Kelly Kobald -- to take on the world famous Carano at the Bank Atlantic Center in Sunrise, Fla., on October 4.

Nothing is official yet, but it's believed the fight between Kobald (16-2-1) and Carano (6-0) will be signed shortly, according to

While Cyborg's Muay Thai game would have made for an entertaining scrap with Gina, Kobald can't be overlooked as a suitable -- if not more deserving opponent -- despite losing her last two contests to Tara LaRosa and Julie Kedzie.

Kobald has been out of action since that decision loss to Kedzie in August of last year, but before that she was one of the most active females in the sport with almost 20 professional fights. Like Cyborg, she also holds a second round technical knockout victory over Shayna Baszler as one of the more notable of her 16 career wins.

This fight won't have that slugfest feel to it like Carano vs. Cyborg would have, but these are still two of the best female fighters in the world, which should make for an exciting match anyway ... even though I can't help but be disappointed in the decision.

Is this more star protecting from Elite XC? It's hard to say yes because Kobald is certainly a world class talent herself, but Cyborg looked more than dangerous in her impressive win against Baszler. There were a lot of people who liked her chances against Gina -- possibly even some Elite XC match makers, it would seem.

It was also speculated by former Elite XC Live Events President Gary Shaw that this October CBS fight for Carano would be for the first-ever Elite XC women's title, but with Shaw taking a step down from his position with the company it's unclear if that statement will hold up.

Regardless, Elite XC has a lot riding on this October 4 event on CBS. There's already talk about Kimbo not fighting Brett Rogers, and now no Cyborg for Carano. This company needs to put its best foot forward going into Sunrise; however, it doesn't look like that's happening ... yet.

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