Drew Fickett fiasco puts Elite XC title fight against Jake Shields in doubt

drew fickett
Drew Fickett and Jake Shields were supposed to hook 'em up at "Return of the King" this past weekend to crown the first-ever 170-pound champion for the mixed martial arts promotion.

However, Fickett had to withdraw from the June 14 fight because of an alleged injury, postponing the bout for the second time (an injury to Shields was the reason for the first cancellation).

This where things get a little funny.

It seems the injury to Fickett's knee -- his reason for bowing out of the fight against Shields at the Hawaii show -- wasn't as bad as he originally thought.

At least not severe enough to keep him from fighting on June 7.

Apparently "The Master" -- without Pro Elite's knowledge -- competed in local a Rage in the Cage 111 event one week prior to the Elite XC show, submitting Jeff Horlacher with a first round guillotine.

So here's the question: How can a fighter be fit enough to fight on June 7, but not June 14?

Even if Fickett thought he could defeat Horlacher at less than 100 percent it still makes no sense. Or, perhaps he felt his non-exclusive contract meant he was just free to fight whoever and wherever without telling anybody.

It's also possible that Fickett just decided on his own that he would rather fight Horlacher at Rage in the Cage 111 instead of headlining an Elite XC event in Hawaii, on Showtime, for a world title.

Fickett has always been a little off center ... anything is possible.

Regardless, it is a decision that does not sit well with Pro Elite officials. In fact, according to GracieFighter.com, the promotion intends to cut Fickett from his contract.

Here's the snip:

"Fickett's decision cost Shields financially as he was left without a fight for the Hawaii card. EliteXC has not been able to contact Fickett and it looks as if they will be dropping him from their organization."

Fickett might have anticipated this the whole time -- he is also scheduled to fight Ryan Ford for the vacant MFC welterweight title in Canada on July 25.

Whatever the case, the show must go on even though we've been waiting for months for something that was never going to happen ... and for no apparent reason.

Here's the good news: The report indicated that Shields is a lock for the July 26 "Saturday Night Fights" show on CBS and he could face the super tough and talented Nick Thompson.

Here's the snip:

"Shields will now be fighting on EliteXC's newly announced July 26th CBS show. Possible opponents now being looked at are Nick Thompson and Jay Hieron amongst others."

For those who are unfamiliar with Thompson he is the last man to hold the BoDog welterweight championship, toppling Eddie Alvarez (his only career defeat) to earn the strap. He's riding a ridiculous 12-fight win streak.

Hieron isn't too shabby, either, he's the reigning IFL champ.

Perhaps both of these options, in the end, will make for a better fight for Shields ... and the fans.

Stay tuned for more details.

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