UFC 84 results and LIVE fight coverage for Penn vs Sherk

UFC 84 results

It’s time!

UFC 84: "Ill Will" is set to go off LIVE from the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada, on Saturday, May 24.

The pay-per-view (PPV) telecast is airing RIGHT NOW, at which time MMAmania.com will provide blow-by-blow, minute-by-minute, round-by-round coverage of the main card bouts below.

In addition, we will share the latest quick results of the prelim action, which are flowing RIGHT NOW!

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Without further delay, see below for the latest UFC 84 results. (Note: This will go from the bottom up; therefore, scroll toward the bottom for the latest detailed round-by-round action!)


B.J. Penn defeats Sean Sherk via TKO Round 3
Wanderlei Silva defeats Keith Jardine via TKO (Strikes) Round 1
Goran Reljic defeats Wilson Gouveia via TKO (Strikes) Round 2
Lyoto Machida defeats Tito Ortiz via Unanimous Decision
Thiago Silva defeats Antonio Mendes via Submission (Strikes) Round 1
Rousimar Palhares defeats Ivan Salaverry via submission (armbar) in round one
Rameau Thierry Sokoudjou defeats Kazuhiro Nakamura via technical knockout (strikes) in round one
Rich Clementi defeats Terry Etim via unanimous decision
Yoshiyuki Yoshida defeats Jon Koppenhaver via submission (anaconda choke) in round one
Dong Hyun Kim defeats Jason Tan via technical knockout (strikes) in round three
Shane Carwin defeats Christian Wellisch via knockout in round one

DrubySunshine here for one of the sickest fight cards of the year. Sit back and enjoy maniacs tonight should be non stop hardcore MMA action. Lets do this damn thing.

UFC Lightweight Champion BJ Penn vs Sean Sherk (155-pound limit)

Round one: Penn with a quick left and Sherk snags a leg but BJ is out. HUGE right from BJ. Left hook from SHerk. BJ with a left hook. Jab from Penn. Both fighters exchange HUGE blows. Quick jab from BJ. Hook from Sherk. Both fighters clinch, uppercut from BJ. Jab from Penn hes landing it at will. Hook from Penn. Sherk trying to work his own jab. BJ lands two stunning jabs. ANother jab and now SHerk lands one. SHerk with a counter kick. Sherk is bleeding from his right eye. Left hook from Sherk. This is a stand up battle to my surprise. Jab from Penn. Sherk with one of his own. GREAT right from BJ then a stiff jab that shocks sherk. BJ looks calm. Sherk with an uppercut and BJ lands a jab. Jab from Penn. Thats the bell. I give it to BJ for the sharper strikes, but Sherk held his own.

Round two: Sherk with a jab. BJ with the jab. Sherk with one of his own. Leg kick from Sherk. HUGE body shot then uppercut from Penn. SHerk charges in. Great exchange both fighters land great blows. Penn with a hook. Stiff right from Penn. Jab from Penn. Jab from Penn. SHerk with one of his own. BJ with a knee to the body. Uppercut from Penn. Sherk with a one two combo. Penn with a clinch but lets go. Sherk with a flurry but mostly misses. Right from Penn. Another right from Penn. Penn just landing the jab at will and doing serious damage with it. SHerk with 2 jabs standing in the pocket. HUGE right from BJ. A jab from Pen. BJ lands a right. Body shot right to the head form Penn. BJ with a kick. HUGE left hook from Penn and then a knee to the head, Sherk briefly goes for the leg. SHerk swinging wild. Thats the round, again BJ just dominates with much crisper striking and while Sherk is game, hes just swinging wildly.

Round three: Sherk is bloodied under both eyes. Sherk with a jab. Nice right from Penn. Jab from Penn. The crowd is chanting STEROIDS! Jab from Sherk. Uppercut from Penn. Sherk with a hook and jab. Penn is sliding in and out. Penn seems to dodge any real damage from Sherks wild punches. HUGE uppercut then left hook from Penn. Penn looks calm and in shape. Right hook from Penn. Sherk swinging wild but hes just not connecting flush. Penn is razor sharp. Leg kick from BJ. Then a jab and hook from Penn. Jab from Penn leg kick from Sherk. Right hook from Penn and SHerk lands a jab. Leg kick from SHerk. Jab from Penn. Sherk looks like he may have broken his right hand. Leg kick from Sherk. Penn with a vicious left hook. Sherks hand is definitely broken. He is not throwing the right anymore. BJ with a HUGE UPPERCUT and then a FLYING KNEE!!!!!! He dominates him on the ground!!! BJ throws bombs!!!! THATS IT ITS OVER PENN DESTROYED SEAN SHERK!! The bell save him briefly, but the ref stops the figh
t after Sherk cannot get up to get to his corner.

Final result:B.J. Penn defeats Sean Sherk via TKO Round 3


Wanderlei Silva vs Keith Jardine (205-pound limit)

Round one: Jardine wiht a overhand right. Silva lands a HUGE combo right off the bat!!! Jardine is hurt!!! Thats it Jardine is stiff OMG he MURDERED JARDINE!

Round two:
Round three:

Final result: Wanderlei Silva defeats Keith Jardine via TKO (Strikes) Round 1


Goran Reljic vs. Wilson Gouveia (205-pound limit)

Round one: Wilson with a leg kick. Inside leg kick from Wilson. Wilson with inside leg kick Reljic with a stiff left. Great kick from Reljic. Leg kick from Gouveia. Stunning body kick from Reljic and then a head kick and a body kick! Gouveia swings wild. Good counter left from Reljic. Nice left from Reljic. Gouveia now wary of Reljic's strikes. Inside leg kick from Reljic. Head kick from Reljic. Great 1-2 combo from Reljic. Great body kick from Reljic. Head kick from Reljic. And another! Gouveias arm is red and bruised already from the kicks. Nice upercut and right hand from Gouveia. ANother HUGE uppercut from Gouveia. Reljic pulls guard to avoid any more damage. Reljic with a elbow from guard. Thats the bell. This one should go to Reljic but Gouveia might have stole it.

Round two: Head kick from Reljic. Stiff left from Reljic. Nice body kick from Reljic. Gouveia with a HUGE left hook! Goran is in trouble!!! Gouveia pounding away viciously. Elbows and rights galor. Reljic ties him up. Gouveia holding him down. 1-2 combo from Reljic. HUGE left form Relic hes raining blows!!! Gouveia is in serious trouble!!!! Reljic with massive blows!!! Thats it the ref stops it!! Reljic wins!

Round three:

Final result: Goran Reljic defeats Wilson Gouveia via TKO (Strikes) Round 2


Tito Ortiz vs. Lyoto Machida (205-pound limit)

Round one: Tito sizing up Machida. Machida with a leg kick. The crowd is chanting Ortiz's name already. Machida with soft leg kicks trying to create distance. Tito fakes a shot. Tito shoots Machida evades the take down. Not much action. Tito shoots then fires a knee to Machidas head. Machida with a leg kick. Front kick from Machida and Tito grabs a hold of him, but Machida shakes him off. Tito is chasing, but Machida is showing off his quicks. Leg kick from Machida. Tito with a wild right that misses. Tito with a missed head kick. Machida with a right. Great head kick from Machida but Tito blocks it. Tito cannot get a hold of Machida. Machida with a great switch kick that lands flush to the head. Tito seems uneasy. Hes upset, but Machida is being elusive. Machida with another switch kick and a good body kick. Machida with a HUGE body slam. Machida in side control raining punches!!! That won him the round that was a vicious take down!!

Round two: Tito misses a leg kick, but Tito with a counter left. Machida now looks confident. Tito frustrated. Tito misses a right. Tito shoots and misses and Machida with a body kick then right left combo to the head. Hes lighting quick. Leg kick from Machida. Nice left from Machida. Tito looks very very frustrated. Machida with a head kick. Tito charges in but he misses Machida. Body kick from Tito. Inside leg kick form Machida. Tito shoots for the leg and Machida sprawls out, now Tito pulls guard. Back to the feet. Flying knee from Machida. Tito with a wild right that misses badly. Titos eye is bloodied. Tito with a good body kick. Thats the round, Id give it to Machida again.

Round three: Tito needs a finish to win this fight. Machida with leg kick. The ref slips, Tito charges in with a clinch, Tito with body shots and Machida shrugs him off again. Leg kick from Machida. Tito shoots and misses again. Head kick from Tito blocked. Knee from Tito. Tito lands a solid hoot and now has a thai clinch. Good dirty boxing from Tito. He lands a elbow and now is trying for a single. Machida with impressive take down defense. Right back into the clinch. Tito with knees to the body. Knee to the body from Machida and Tito crumbles!!! Machida is pounding on Tito, Tito pulls guard and is fighting for his life!!! Machida now on top raining body shots. Tito goes for a triangle!!!! OMG!!!! But Machida slips out!! WOW that almost ended the fight!!! Thats the bell!! Machida wins, in what was a mostly unimpressive fight the ending was absoloutly amazing.

Final result: Lyoto Machida defeats Tito Ortiz via Unanimous Decision


Thiago Silva vs. Antonio Mendes (205-pound limit)

Round one: Silva stalking. Mendes with a HUGE head kick and it knocks Silva right down. Silva is rattled and Mendes now lands a body kick that sends SIlva to the canvas. Both fighters exchange punches. Now their clinched up against the fence. Mendes goes for a judo throw but slips and Silva now on top in half guard. Full mount for Silva and he lands a good left than right. Silva teeing off. Thiago going for the neck and is pounding on Mendes and now Mendes taps and thats the fight! Silva wins with monstrous ground and pound.

Round two:
Round three:

Final result: Thiago Silva defeats Antonio Mendes via Submission (Strikes) Round 1


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