Grand Theft Auto IV: Bas Rutten is hilarious

Grand Theft Auto IV Bas Rutten
This is a random special report from reader Jonathan Zungre.

Like the hilarious car radio in other Grand Theft Auto (GTA) video games, the television in the main character’s apartment comes complete with multiple channels of in-game programming.

And in the world of GTA -- where everything is satirical -- former UFC champion and MMA legend Bas Rutten hosts a show called "The Men’s Room," which from what I can tell, is a crazy parody of Dr. Phil and The Man Show.

In fact, the show features Bas and his co-host -- a little effeminate man, giving insights on issues like health and anger. Bas always seems to resort to violence in all of his examples such as bashing a coworker’s head into a telephone pole to get respect, and when the co-host tries to interject Bas cuts him off within a few words.

Perhaps he doesn't know much about Bas' and his ability to bar fight (among other things).

And since Bas has the on camera energy of 10 men, he’s constantly getting up off the couch throwing punches or demonstrating a kick to the groin, which is a thing "of pain and beauty." I really wonder if they gave him a script or just let him improvise, but whatever happened, it really works.

Here’s some quotes from the show (I’m kind of paraphrasing):

Bas: "On today’s show, we’re going to be talking about different aspects of health, especially how to endanger the health of others."

Bas: Anger causes many things, baldness, impotence, "waking up in the middle of the night with blood all over your hands and you don’t know what happened. Hey, I’ve been around."

Cohost: "You are so pent up!"

Bas: (clapping his hands) "I know!"

Cohost: "You should try some aroma therapy."

Bas: "The only aroma I like is the smell of burning flesh."

And watch this shaky armed kid’s video right here.

You are the boss or you are the bitch. Thanks, Bas. Thanks indeed.

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