Unlikely WEC champion, Carlos Condit, heads into rematch with Carlo Prater on Feb. 13

Carlos Condit

Carlos Condit doesn't resemble a fighter, much less a champion of a major MMA organization. He looks like a college student, normal and unassuming -- certainly nothing at all like his nickname, "Natural Born Killer."

But once he enters the cage, the WEC welterweight champion becomes something else entirely. Condit turns into a scowling, lethal mixed martial artist.

"I'm not your typical fighter," Condit revealed in a recent interview at WEC.com. "I'm not a super muscular guy, I don't have tattoos or a cool mohawk. People don't give me my due as a tenacious or dangerous fighter. These people doubt me and its fuel for the fire."

This Albuquerque, New Mexico, native takes the road less traveled. Instead of training with local MMA guru, Greg Jackson, and his stable of high profile fighter's like Keith Jardine, Georges St. Pierre, Rashad Evans, etc., Condit chooses to workout down the street at FIT NHB.

Here's another snip from Condit:

"I have a lot of guys out of my camp that you haven't heard of, but you will soon. We don't have a lot of big name guys, but we have the guys that you need to be successful. The formula that we're using, and the tools we have at my school -- that's what has brought me the success that I've had."

Condit's rematch with Carlo Prater (one of his four defeats) on February 13 should prove to be an exciting bout. With all his recent success, Condit isn't taking Prater lightly.

Another snip:

"He's a good jiu jitsu fighter and has good Muay Thai. He's pretty good in the clinch, a very talented fighter and a legitimate contender."

Condit later went on to explain in the interview, "I'm leaps and bounds from where I used to be back then. It doesn't haunt me at all. It's not even in the back of my mind, really. It's a motivating factor for sure, but that was about three and a half years ago. I hate to make excuses, but back then I did it more as a hobby. These days this is my livelihood and what I do for a living. I know the mistakes that I made and I've remedied those problems."

The Santa Ana Star Center should be packed with many of the champ's hometown fans on fight night. One of these attendees will be New Mexico governor and former Presidential candidate, Gov. Bill Richardson -- Condit's father is a high ranking staffer in Richardson's cabinet.

Condit recently revealed his mantra for life. And he hopes that it will hold true for his rematch with Prater.

Final snip:

"We make our own destiny in this world. Your destiny is basically in your hands right now."

Condit -- unlike most of us -- has second chance to chart his own destiny in the rematch with Prater next week on Versus. Don't miss it.

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