UFC 80: Any Given Saturday returns with TWO shows this Saturday and a BetUS.com giveaway!

anygivensaturday_banner-1.JPGAfter a long hiatus, our online radio call-in show, "Any Given Saturday," returns THIS SATURDAY, January 19 for the UFC 80: "Rapid Fire" pay-per-view (PPV) event.
Here's the rundown:

There will be TWO shows this Saturday: the first will be at 12 p.m. ET and will run 30 minutes. Our favorite betting expert Damon from BetUS.com will be on hand to give his recommendations for the best bets to make for all the gambling degenerates out there.

To get in on the action now hit up BetUS.com right now (for free betting tips and advice click here.)

The second show will IMMEDIATELY follow UFC 80 at 6 p.m. ET. This show will run 45 minutes in length and will feature Adam Morgan from FiveOuncesofPain.com.

As always, Any Given Saturday is LIVE and TAKES YOUR CALLS! Call 646-478-5091 to reach Luke Thomas from BloodyElbow.com on the air!


BetUS.com has stepped up and decided to give MMAmania.com readers and Any Given Saturday listeners some cool swag: not one but TWO $100 betting accounts with BetUS.com.

How do you win? Simple.

The first account will be given to the MMAmania.com reader whose MAIN CARD predictions (NO UNDERCARD PREDICTIONS COUNT) wind up being the closest to the real thing. So, EMAIL Luke Thomas your picks ASAP right here (the deadline for submissions is 1 p.m. ET Saturday). For each prediction, you must include the winner, method of win, round and as a tie breaker, the integer that will be in the seconds column when the round ends.

The SECOND account will be given to whatever caller accurately predicts the upset of the evening. CALL-IN DURING THE FIRST SHOW and give your prediction for the win. Same rules apply for predictions as above: fighter, method, round, time. The person who correctly calls the upset wins the other account.

SO SEND IN YOUR PICKS AND GET READY TO CALL! Any Given Saturday has returned.

So again:

1st Show = 12 p.m. ET. Call in LIVE @ 646-478-5091

2nd Show = 6 p.m. ET. Call in LIVE @ 646-478-5091

AGS is a product of MMAMania.com and BloodyElbow.com

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