UFC 79 results coverage and LIVE fight commentary for 'Nemesis'

UFC 79 results

UFC 79: "Nemesis" is set to go off LIVE tonight (December 29) from the Mandalay Bay Events Center in Las Vegas, Nevada.

MMAmania.com is already providing LIVE up-to-the-minute quick results below, and round-by-round, blow-by-blow coverage of the PPV telecast will begin at 10 p.m. ET sharp.

This New Year's Eve weekend event is loaded with 10 bouts, including an interim welterweight title match and the historic showdown between two of the most recognizable champions in the history of the sport.

Put simply, make sure to tune-in!

However, if you can't we will have everything you need right here ... just scroll down the page for the latest UFC 79 results.

Many of our readers check-in before, during and after the PPV telecast to share their thoughts on the action. Therefore, feel free to leave a comment or 10 before you leave and chat with many of our readers during the show — it always turns out to be a great discussion.

Remember that we will also be the spot for the latest news, recaps and post-fight analysis after UFC 79.

Without further delay, see below for the latest UFC 79 results. WARNING: These are potential spoilers! (Note — This will go from the bottom up; therefore, scroll toward the bottom for the latest results!)


Georges St. Pierre defeats Matt Hughes via submission (armbar) in round two
Chuck Liddell defeats Wanderlei Silva via unanimous decision
Eddie Sanchez defeats Soa Palalei via TKO (Strikes) Round 3
Lyoto Machida defeats Rameau Thierry Sokoudjou via Arm Triangle Choke Round 2
Rich Clementi defeats Melvin Guillard via Rear Naked Choke Round 1
James Irvin defeats Luis Cane via disqualification (illegal knee)
Manny Gamburyan defeats Nate Mohr via submission (heal hook) in round one
Dean Lister defeats Jordan Radev via unanimous decision
Roan Carneiro defeated Tony DeSouza via technical knockout (strikes) in round two
Mark Bocek defeats Doug Evans via unanimous decision


Wassup people DrubySunshine here for one of the most anticipated cards of the year. No need to talk lets just get to the action folks tonight should be an instant classic. Enjoy Maniacs.

Matt Hughes vs. Georges St. Pierre for UFC interim welterweight championship (170-pound limit)

Round one: HUghes shoots but misses. GSP with a high kick. Leg kick by GSP. Hughes again misses a take down. GSP with another leg kick. Hughes reaching with his jab. Nice kick from GSP. Hughes shoots but GSP sprawls and avoids the take down. GSP now gets the take down of his own!! GSP in Hughes full guard and hes raining elbows. GSP posturing up and raining down punches. GSP now in Hughes half guard. GSP landing some solid rights. ELbow from GSP. GSP dominating on the ground. ST Pierre slaming Hughes head on the mat! St Pierre with some SICK rights!! Now he has Hughes back but thats the bell! GSP dominated that round and won it easily 10-9.

Round two: High kick from GSP. They clinched and St Pierre gets another great take down!! GSP in Hughes half guard. Hughes now with full guard. GSP now moves to half guard. Hughes with some nice elbows from the bottom. Nice elbow from GSP. Another solid elbow right to the ear from GSP. GSP passes to half guard. GSP raining some punches from side control. ST PIerre with the mount!!!! NOw he has his back with DEEP hooks in!! Hughes scrambles and GSP lets go of his hooks. Hughes reverses!! Hughes with a single leg. Both fighters exchange knees. St Pierre with a SICK judo throw!!! Now hes on top! St Pierre locks in an arm bar!! Thats it its all over. WOW! Complete domination by GSP.

Final result: Georges St. Pierre defeats Matt Hughes via submission (armbar) in round two


Chuck Liddell vs. Wanderlei Silva (205-pound limit)

Round one: Its finally here folks. Lidell with a leg kick. SIlva with a right. Silva lands a left hook. Leg kick by Silva. Chuck with a HUGE left and combo. Silva with a GREAT counter!! Chuck with a high kick. HUGE right by chuck. Leg kick from SIlva. Silva with a left hook. LIdell with a solid right. Stining one two combo from chuck. Chuck with a HUGE right and both fighters exchange monstrous blows!! Chuck lands two solid rights. Silva with a left. Thats the bell. Id give that round to Chuck 10-9 he landed more shots and they had more power.

Round two: Silva lands a great combo. Silva with another right. SIlva lands a HUGE right. It snapped chuicks head back. Silva lands another combo. Lidell with leg kick. Body kick from SIlva. Straight right from Lidell. Chuck slips and Silva lands a solid left. Another good body kick by Silva and a great left!! HUGE right knocks down chuck!!! But Silva doesnt capitalize. Great jab by Chuck and Silva counters with a great left. Lidell with a huge left and Silva is cut bad!!! Elbow by Lidell. Silva throwing wild bombs!!! Silva with a great right. Nows chucks bleeding. SIlva with a fantadstic combo. Chuck with ahuge right!! Silva counters and chuck gets the take down!!! Thats the round. Id give it to Silva 10-9 but it could go either way.

Round three: WOW! Chuck with the take down!!! Silva back to his feet. Silva with a left. High kick from Silva. Silva with a combo. Chuck with an over the top right. Silva charges and lands a left. Jab by Lidell. SPinning backfist!!! Then a combo!!! Silva is hurt! Chuck is raining bombs!!!! Jab by Lidell. Silva with a solid left. Lidell with some huge rights!!! Silva with a great right. Silva with a good left. Lidell with a take down!!! Thats the fight and it should a WIN for Lidell.

Final result: Chuck Liddell defeats Wanderlei Silva via unanimous decision


Eddie Sanchez vs. Soa Palalei (265-pound limit)

Round one: Sanchez charges and throws a combo while Sao clinches up against the cage. Both fighters are clinched. Both fighters exchange knees to the gut. Sao with a trip and a take down. Sao with a nice combo and Sanchez now back to the feet. Sanchez with a low blow and theres a ref stoppage. Both fighters miss with haymakers. Sanchez with a nice knee and some dirty boxing from the clinch up against the fence. Sao with a nice knee to the mid section. Sanchez misses with a wild right. Now their clinched again up against the fence. Sao with a solid mui thai knee. Sao misses with a HUGE right. Knee by Sanchez. Jab by Sao. Sanchez with a leg kick. Sanchez with a pucnh from the clinch. HUGE uppercut from Sanchez!! Thats the bell. Gotta give it to Sanchez 10-9 with both fighters looking for the one punch KO.

Round two: Sanchez with a solid combo. Both fighters clinched again. The pace slows. Sao with a knee. Nice left hook by Soa. Sanchez with a solid overhand right. Soa with a GREAT overhand Right. Soa barely catches Sanchez with a wild looping right. Now both fighters once again are clinched up against the fence. Good elbow from Soa. Sanchez with the take down. Soa back to his feet. Soa with a jab. Another looping wild right. Again both fighters are clinched. Sanchez with a solid right and a stinging uppercut!! Again their clinched. Soa is bleeding from the nose now. Sanchez with a great one two combo. Thats the round. Sanchez is dominating and is up two rounds to one.

Round three: Both fighters clinch again. The pace is down to a crawl. Sanchez lands two BOMBS!! Soa looks hurt. Sanchez with another uppercut. Sanchez lands two more uppercuts. Sanchez with another combo. Sanchez with a knee. Both fighters clinched again. Sanchez with a body shot. Two more uppercuts by Sanchez. Two more uppercuts by Sanchez and thats it thats the fight the ref stops it. Sanchez wins.

Final result: Eddie Sanchez defeats Soa Palelei via TKO (Strikes) Round 3


Rameau Thierry Sokoudjou vs. Lyoto Machida (205-pound limit)

Round one: Machida with a straight left and backs out. Soku with a high kick and then a BIG right hand. Soku with the take down and then Machida reverses! Machida on top in the half guard. Machida looking for a Kimura. Machida still cranking it but Soku looks calm. Machida lets it go. Machida goes for some elbows. Soku with some body control not letting Machida posture up. Machida with some elbows to the thigh. Now the ref stands them up. Machida with a straight left. Now a high kick. Leg kick by Machida. Soku with a sweep and a take down. They clinch up and thats the round. I give that one 10-9 to Machida.

Round two: Stinging high kick by Machida! Leg kick by Machida. Soku with a right. Soku with another right. Machida looks difficult to size up. Leg kick by Soku. Front kick by Machida. High kick by Machida. Machida catches Soku with a HUGE left. Hes dropping HUGE elbows!!! Now Machida on top in half guard. Soku holding on to regain his composure. Machida in full mount. Machida looking for some elbows. Soku escapes for now but Machida keeps side control. Huge elbow from Machida that lands flush! Another elbow from Machida! Machida with the triangle!!! Thats it Soku taps its all over!!! WOW! Pure domination!

Final result: Lyoto Machida defeats Remeau Thierry Sokoudjou via Arm Triangle Round 2


Rich Clementi vs. Melvin Guillard (155-pound limit)

Round one: Both fighters feeling each other out. Guillard misses with a right. Clementi with a nice inside leg kick. Guillard misses and uppercut. Guillard with a HUGE left and right cross!!CLementi with a nice body kick. Guillard lunges foward with a left hook. Another nice inside leg kick by Clementi. Guillard misses with a wild punch and Clementi locks him up and slams him down. Clementi has a full nelson and Guillard scrambles and now ends up on top. Guillard lands a HUGE right hook and a left!! Clementi is stunned but Melvin slips while going for a kick. Clmenti goes for an oma plata. Clementi on top now. Clementi is locking in the choke and he has a body triangle!! Thats it its over Clementi wins by submission!

Final result: Rich Clementi defeats Melvin Guillard via rear naked choke Round 1


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