Karo Parisyan: 'I think I already have a title shot if I want to wait'

karo parisyan
Welterweight contender Karo Parisyan has apparently earned a title shot in six or seven months if he wants to wait, according to a recent interview on PunchDrunkGamer.com.

"People are talking about that [a fight with Jon Fitch], I don't know. The deal is I think I already have a title shot if I want to wait. If I wait I can get my title shot I guess in six or seven months from now, which is a long time away, and I don't want to mess up my plans of getting my title shot. Now I would love to fight Jon Fitch, but if I fight him and god forbid something goes wrong and I lose that fight it puts me all the way back down again and I have to work back up for a title fight. So if I am guaranteed a title fight now, I'll take the title fight or if I don't want to wait such a long time I'll take another opponent who I have a more 'guaranteed' win over. I still think I can beat Jon Fitch – Jon's a very tough guy, but I think that if I am in shape that I can beat him eight out of 10 times. But at this point I don't want to jeopardize anything leading up to my title fight, so we'll see what the UFC will offer and what I will take."

Ridiculous for these reasons:

  1. UFC Welterweight Champion Matt Serra still has to fight the winner of the bout between Matt Hughes and Georges St. Pierre at UFC 79 to declare an "undisputed" champion. At the earliest that will happen is more than likely sometime in April 2008.
  2. More "guaranteed" win? That's garbage. "The Heat" wants a can or no one until mid-2008. Talk about a gamer.
  3. Fitch deserves the opportunity -- he has seven consecutive UFC wins and has not lost since 2002. (Yes, I like Fitch. But, it's my site and a blog ... entitled to that opinion.)

When we heard word that the UFC approached Fitch with a fight against Akihiro Gono at UFC 82 instead of Parisyan we speculated that he may have earned the "guaranteed" title fight. It was the only thing that made sense because a showdown between Parisyan and Fitch would set up a number one contender bout.

It just seemed illogical because would Parisyan really want to wait that long? Apparently the answer to that question is a big fat, "Yes." Either that or he'll fight Ross Pointon. Yay.

There's some history here that comes into play that must be mentioned -- Parisyan was booked to challenge then 170-pound champion Matt Hughes at UFC 56 in 2005 for the welterweight crown. He got hurt prior to the fight and had to withdraw. He was replaced at the last minute by Joe Riggs (who didn't make weight and was submitted in round one).

Parisyan missed his chance ... and he slid even farther back in line when he dropped a unanimous decision to Diego Sanchez at UFC Fight Night 6 in 2006. He has since rattled off three consecutive wins and has a solid overall record inside the Octagon (8-2) in a very talent-rich division.

Put simply, he has the title shot within his grasp and he does not want to miss out on the opportunity ... again.

Personally, I can't empathize with Karo. He's a world class fighter, sacrificing every day to one day become a champion. I'm just a fan. A fan who wants to see the best fighters fight the best fighters.

Just one more thing: Isn't losing to a can more of a career "risk" than losing to someone like Fitch? Doesn't make much sense ... unless you're Karo.

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