New name, same site

Notice anything different?

We just changed three letters on our URL ... and it wasn't easy (or cheap). -- not -- is the new destination for all of our readers and fellow mixed martial arts fans. This change is more of a preventative measure and will in no way shape or form effect our coverage, format or brand.

Our focus remains to pass along the latest UFC news, coverage, results, fight announcements, recaps and more. Will we cover other MMA news? We kind of already do, but we may step it up a notch now that it fits this new model.

We'll see.
But again: Not much (if anything) will change from our previous format. In fact, we'll more than likely have a few new additions in the near future to make "Mania" an even better Web site.

So what's the reason for the change?

Well, let's just say thanks to our loyal readers we got a little too big and the ice was getting a little too thin. It also signals a major move from a rinky-dink blog with a handful of visitors to a major site with hundreds of thousands per month.

Put simply, this is a great move for us and all the other maniacs. We didn't do this alone and look forward to making the best MMA site on the Web.

In the meantime, for all of our partners and friends please update on your blogrolls, MySpace pages, links sections, etc. This is a quick fix and will help us out tremendously.

Thanks again to everyone who visits and has helped evolve into It's been a fun ride and will get even better in time.

Trust us.


Just a few more quick reminders:

Contact us: Our new general email inbox has a new address ( Continue to send all inquiries, feedback and tips to that mailbox please -- these are a huge help.

Donations: We never solicit handouts, but in this case we'll just pass along a friendly reminder. To support click the link below:

Donate Now!

Rankings: These will make a comeback. We phased them out for a few months for several reasons, but our readers have demanded to see them again. Ask and you shall receive.

Server: We plan to get a new shiny one just in time for Christmas. We seem to upgrade every month. It's not like we even have a bad plan -- just too many damn readers! This new one will more than likely break the bank, but it's long overdue. No more downtime.

I'm sure I forgot a few things. In the meantime, let me know if you have any questions, suggestions or feedback. We look forward to it. Thanks again.

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